Regifting the Gift: Mt. 6:28; Eccles. 9:2-3, 8:9 (PART I)

(One day I studied my Word, and something in what God spoke to me was so strong that I felt compelled to share it with others. What began as giving monthly inspirational text messages, translated into my tweets and now this blog. So, I’ve decided to regift the gift that keeps giving–so to speak) (-_^)


Today I was in Matthew 6:28, Ecclesiastes 9:2-3 and 8:9:

(Starting with Matthew 6:28):

“And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.” (Mt. 6:28, KJV)

So…here’s what the Spirit began speaking to me:

“Whatever your need is God will provide it, but do you trust Him enough to get it done?” The truth is I don’t. I mean I say I do, I like to think so…but only because I claim Him. But claiming and trusting are really two different things.

There’s that voice that says, “Oh you’re fine! What are you worried about? OF COURSE you trust God–you prayed this morning didn’t you?” But it’s evident that I don’t, because then the following questions arose:

“If you trust Him, then why don’t you tithe like you should?”

“If you trust Him, then why didn’t you ask Him what to wear for the day instead of throwing something on?”

“If you trust Him, then why aren’t you meditating and focusing on His Word on how to live?”

Submitting to God is a form of trust because you are saying, “Lord wherever You lead me, wherever You’ll have me go, whatever You’ll have me do–it’s done. I know that You will not steer me wrong nor fail me.” Instead what I give God is, “Eh…I don’t really like the look of that path so I’m not gonna go there…and I know You asked for 10% but I’ll have to catch You on the next go around…and I would seek Your advice on what to wear and how to go about this day but uh–I think MY way is better so…”

If you know the way to somewhere, and I’m lost, and you tell me that you know the way there and can get us there, but I never heed your directions nor let you behind the wheel and keep steering us further and further off course…then do I really trust you?

God told me this, “You worry more about what you will wear for the day and what you look like than the safety and growth of your own soul.” To which the devil whispered about how it’s cool–I’m being kept. I have nothing to worry about.

The devil sounds really good…

But then the next thing I hear to combat that, “In order to be kept you have to be in His will. Don’t expect God to keep you if you don’t plan to stay put.” …Ouch, “When you intentionally go outside the will of God, He is not going to honor that. God does not reward you for bad behavior and having grace doesn’t mean He turns a blind eye to your sins. (Remember what the definition of backsliding is? Be careful)”

For those who aren’t aware…

“Relapse, lapse, regress,weaken, lose one’s resolve, give in to temptation, go astray, leave the straight and narrow, fall off the wagon.” (Pulled out of that Oxford Dictionary–New Oxford American Dictionary, Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, Apple Dictionary, Wikipedia–located in the MacBook)

Yall know you gotta cite all this stuff…I hate doing it myself–it’s so tedious!! BUT ANYWHOOO…

Take a look at that definition. The longer you stay out of the will of God, the more things that were once unacceptable become acceptable to you. The key word is: OKAY. It’s OKAY if you miss a Sunday service or two, it’s OKAY if you didn’t pray for most of that week, it’s OKAY if you haven’t picked your Word up for awhile…

Then those old sins easily wear you down because your foundation is weakened…and then it becomes OKAY to do “just a little” of those things. Next thing you know, you look up and say to yourself, “How in the world did I get way over here…?”

That’s the danger about backsliding. Sometimes you can tell when you’ve drifted off, “Nuh-uh…this ain’t right–I don’t even FEEL right–I need to get back to You Lord cuz I have fallen off somewhere!”

But sometimes you can’t…and it’s then that you wander away further and further. But you believe you’re still being kept because you’re kinda in the vicinity…kinda.

If you want to be kept, you gotta stay in His will. And that requires you staying put.

“Recognize the enemy for who he is and call that joker out.” I almost entertained that thought for a moment that I was all right…but the more I listened to Jesus, the more I came to see I almost fell for the okie doke again. NOT UP IN HERE!

God then told me how I live to please people more than Him…and that’s a BIG problem because people don’t have a heaven or hell to put me in…but He does.

“You don’t owe people an apology for what God is doing in your life, but you do owe God everything. It’s Him you come to when you fall, not people. (Sometimes God will have you reveal those things you’ve been delivered from to help somebody else)”

God is the one you need to get right with…and if that includes Him leading you to make apologies to people you feel you don’t owe an apology too, then so be it. But you don’t allow people to hold your past over your head. And sometimes you have to share your past with others and mistakes that you have made because it may just be the very thing someone needed to hear to help them.

The Spirit then told me this, “When you surrender all He will give you all and then some in return. Do you trust Him, though?”




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