(POEM) 5/21/13 Greater Than Great

I’ve grown to admire
A poet who I have found to be
More fascinating than Maya Angelo
Not knocking her or anything
That woman is amazing

But this guy
This guy name Propaganda
(I’ve heard some call him Prop for short)
There’s only one word
That I can use to describe this dude

Because the way he tears up lines
Dominates stanzas
Through his spoken word
Is something I DREAM about

I mean literally
I dream about it

I dream about being on stages
Sharing my poetry with people all over
The anointing in his pieces
Is so strong
And as I sit in awe
I think to myself
“MAN I’d love to be able to do that!

Then I stare down at the poem
That I still have yet to learn
That I wrote about 3 weeks ago
But have only looked at twice
Spending a total of 2 hours on it
In all that time

And I look back the video
The video that shocked and awed me
And once again I think to myself
“Oh well…it’s just a dream.”

The funny thing is
God has been moving me to do
Spoken word
I was getting better
Until one day I had to cancel
–an open mic night
I had gotten sick
The next month I was overwhelmed
Too many poems to learn
Mostly written at the last minute
The next month,
I just didn’t feel up to it

But looking over the clip
I saw that I had to get back
I had to get back to my spoken word
Without a doubt
I saw I was walking backwards

That’s when something rang clear

I don’t like to work
And it’s harder to push through laziness
Harder than I thought
I didn’t know its grip on me
–was this bad
It’s ridiculous

My desire to write
My passion to bring life
In everything I put my pen to
Every time my finger tips hit the
When He moves me to create
Another work on the iPod
And then comes His voice

“Daughter, don’t give up on your dreams,
That’s what I gave you your gift for.
Daughter don’t give up.
In order to be better,
You have to work hard.
In order to become great
You have to work harder.
Greatness was placed inside of you–
You are Mine,
Created in My image.

Don’t give up,
Someone needs to hear from you.
Don’t quit
For I promised I would never leave
Nor forsake you.
And when you lay your pen down
You are saying to Me
That you have given up on yourself
And all those dreams,
But daughter I have birthed a vision in you.

Reach out and grab what I have for you.”

God says reach out and grab it
He placed it right there in front of you
But don’t think the devil
Will not have his fun
And try and delay you

Reach out and grab what He has for you

So I do declare,
That one day
I will not only be just as good
But even better than my brother in Christ
The legendary Prop
And that’s not to boast
But I know
That I know
These dreams I have are only the beginning

Who knows…
Call it wishful thinking
But I know that one day
Someone’s gonna be reading this
And they’re gonna sit there
Wishing they could be just as good

To them I say,
God made you to do bigger
And better things
Even greater than me
So go forth
And claim your destiny
Don’t give up on your dreams,
Even when they laugh behind your back
Don’t give up
Even when they say it’s impossible
And you’ll never be able to do any of ‘that’

Whatever that is for you

God has birthed a vision in you
Now it’s time for you to put in the work
–to get there
Greatness is already in you, living inside
Position yourself
So that it can come out
And you, too,
Can bring the dead to life

I am great
Because of the Great I Am
And my dreams will come true
Bigger, better than anything
I could have ever imagined
For myself


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