6/12/13 POEM: Overflow V (Eccles. 2:4)

Overflow poems are poems that come to me while studying my Word. It just started happening one day that sudden pings of inspiration would come to me while studying a verse, but when I chose to wait til I was done the poem would disappear from my mind and I couldn’t remember anything. So now I make a point to immediately begin writing the words down as they come until God gives me nothing else to put to the page.

This is the first time that I’ve started putting what verse it was when God inspired me to write. Overflow V is based on Eccles. 2:4.

As always, I pray that you are blessed by it and you receive a message from it.


Just because you’re blessed
Doesn’t make you any less
Of a mess
Than the next man
Everything works according to
–God’s plan
So be patient
Give praises
Be thankful for what you got
Because as quickly as He gave
He can take it all away without
–a second thought
And in case you forgot
You didn’t do anything
You didn’t make it happen
God did
So if you don’t mind
He’d really appreciate it
If you’d stop taking all the credit
And whatever you have
Be content with it
It is a blessing from the Lord
So rejoice in the fact
That each day you see
Even the very breath you take
Is a gift
All on loan because of grace
And He gave it willingly
We don’t deserve any of it
God owes you NOTHING
But He gives it
And He gives it to you daily
So be thankful
Be content
And give thanks
You didn’t make these blessings
–happen for yourself
He gave you everything
Be grateful
Give thanks
You are more blessed than you


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