POEM: 6/14/13 Turn Your Cheek (Col. 3:13)

Part of this poem is featured in my church’s newsletter, the Temple Of Refuge Ministries Safe Haven (which I write every week, comes out on Fridays) http://www.ktorradio.com/templetalk/ But I decided to put the poem in it’s entirety on here.

This poem came to me today as I was holding resentment and anger toward how one person and as it festered, God led me to write this week’s Safe Haven poem on Colossians 3:13, “Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.”

As I began to write, a flood of emotions began to take over, as God reminded me of all the things He forgave me for–all the things He helped me to forgive and let go of. The love of God has truly changed me for the better and it’s days like these that I’m reminded just how powerful and impactful that love is, and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for it.

There are 2 responses in this poem, 2 different people and the connector is God saying “I forgave you/You can forgive them too” Imagine tuning in to a program and you catch the tail end of the conversation. Flip forward, then flip back again to the middle of a new conversation. That’s what’s going on here.

So, I pray that you are blessed by this poem and that you receive a message from it.


The root word being
And restrained
The root being
To stop feeling angry
Or resentful
Towards a person
For an offense, flaw,
Or mistake

These things Christ says
We should partake
When dealing with one another
That is what walking in love
“even as Christ forgave you,
so also do ye.”

“They hurt me, Lord!
They broke my heart
And they said they loved me
But they never did,
Not really.
They just used me
Til they got what they wanted
Then went on as though
They never even knew me!”
You did the same unto Me
I gave you life
Gave you all you needed
But you chased after other idols
The only time I heard from you
Was when you got yourself
Into a jam
Then suddenly
You needed Me
And I got you out
Then you’d go back
To all those false things
Forgetting it was Me
Who held you in the night
It was Me
Who was there to wipe those tears
When you were clutching
That broken heart in the dark
How many times do you think it is
That you broke My heart
When you committed adultery
Taking forbidden glances
And making everyone
And everything else your god
I forgave you
You can forgive them too

“But I can’t stand them!
They’re not a real parent!
Why can’t You just make them behave?
Why can’t You just make them change?
Why did I have to have a parent like them
They’ve never done right by me
And now I’m just suppose to let it go?”
Careful how you speak child
For you are talking down on yourself
When you talk down on them
Since when
Have you ever been in position
To complain about someone
Wronging you and being in err
When you are often in err with Me
Long as you hold hate in your heart
You are walking contradictory
You rebel against Me
Did I force Myself upon you
No I did not
I gave you freewill
To come to Me on your own
If you want to see real change
Pray for them to come home
And I will do the rest
I have never
Not once
Criticized you
Nor hated you
For not being the best
They may not be the best parent
But they’re yours
And they are a part of you
And I made it that way for a reason
There are things you have done
Sins you have committed
That you have yet to ask Me
Forgiveness for
Yet I forgave you for them all
I forgave you
You can forgive them too

God says let it go
It doesn’t have to hurt anymore
Let it go
For when you hold on to unforgiveness
You are killing yourself
That much more
We don’t ever stop to consider
That while we hold a grudge
Against someone else
Of all the wrongs we have done
To our Lord and Savior
Like all the times
When I placed Him on the shelf
Turned my back on Him
Denied Him around my
So-called friends
Told Him I’d live for Him later
When I committed adultery
In my heart
Every time my eyes stared down
Another guy
When I made everything else
Top priority
But God never got my time
When I acted a fool with Him
Then shrugged it off
God’s forgiving
So He forgives me
But never repented or even gave Him an
I’m sorry
That’s all I had to say was
I’m sorry
And in spite of it all
He loved me
Forgave me
But I dare to say
“I can’t forgive her, Lord.
I can’t deal with him, God.”
When it took a sacrifice
Just for me to see this day
And the day before that

He forgave me
I can at least do that
He forgave you
You can at least do that
You’ve been forgiven
For so many things
If you truly love Him
The way you say you do
Then you can forgive

Because He’s forgiven you


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