Say No…To FAKE

They say that whatever you ask God for He will give to you, that includes your spouse. And through the couples in my church, they all say their spouse was exactly what they asked God for.

So…after God showed me that I was shallow…He began to ask me what it was that I REALLY wanted.

Truth be told, I had no clue. Deep down all I had were these shallow, superficial wants in a man (tall, built, fine) and if he had some sort of talent or whatever…cool. So, I finally decided to sit down and actually consider myself: where I’m strong, where I’m weak, and what I need–instead of what I WANT.

God says done and lets me know that when the time is right He’ll send that man right to me. But first I must be prepared for the blessing I’m about to receive, because in all honesty where I was spiritually, mentally I would have made a HORRIBLE wife. I still need a bit of work, too…okay A LOT of work…but I’m getting there.

Here’s the thing though. Satan heard that prayer, too.

And he’s been trying to pass off frauds to me ever since.

“Look at him! He’s nice looking, God-fearing…why not give him a shot? He seems pretty interested in you, after all…”

It’s funny…because if you’re not careful you’ll get yourself caught up in some mess because of impatience. Satan will have you looking at your “potential spouse” when God already said He has someone on the way, to hold true to Him and wait on Him in the meantime…

But here comes Satan…and he totes something that looks “kinda close” to what you wanted, and it’s “sorta like” what you asked for, and it could work…maybe. He’ll trip you up by pointing out some of the similarities that person has that you asked God for your mate to have. Unfortunately though they don’t possess ALL of the qualities.

I said all that to say that Satan has been trying to run game on me man. And each fake he sends looks so good that it almost has me convinced.

But then I remember His promise, and I shake my head and say, “Hah..nice try. I already know what God told me. And that thing you trying to pass off on me right now ain’t it. GET OUT HERE WIT THAT!”

I also had to learn that instead of trying to prepare for a husband, I need to find myself preparing myself for the harvest.

Did you miss that? I said I’m preparing for the HARVEST, when God calls me home and says “Well done,” and not for a husband. I can make heaven without a man, but what good is having a husband if I still go to hell anyway?

By preparing for the harvest I will be ready to receive my dream job, my house, my car, all the desires of my heart.

And…my husband.

Before you just say yes to that fake, seek God first. Oh and by the way, if you gotta ask if he’s the one—HE ISN’T. But always see what God says first…trust me…I had to learn that the hard way.

And—it always helps to know what it is that you need in a mate/want in a mate when you go to prayer to ask God for them. For me, I realized this meant getting to know myself in Christ to figure who I am and what precisely it is that I really need…

Not what that shallow, broken, and self-loathing little girl wanted…


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