All Lies (Poem)


We lie to ourselves a lot
We lie to ourselves
So much in fact
That we know it’s a lie
Say it’s the truth
And convince ourselves to
–believe that it is
It takes some serious kind
Of divine intervention
For us to even be exposed to the
That, that
That thing we were posing off
As factual
Was an incredulous truth
Sad isn’t it?
We buy into our own garbage
But no one else is
Regardless how many times we
–say that they are
Truth is
People see us for who we really
So does God
And one way
Or another
We have to fess up
To the very thing staring us down
In the mirror
I don’t care how long you stare at
Or how many times you spew those lies
A coal is a piece of coal
You have to apply pressure in
To make it into a diamond


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