SALT WATER             (9/29/13)

You call them tears
I call it saltwater
Except this from of salty seas
That comes falling from my face
Is like an oasis
When my eyes cause a rift
And waves come lapping
Down my nose and into my mouth
But their saltiness reminds me
I’m alive
The sour tells me I’m still here
With each wave I drink in
I begin to heal
I feel Him mending me
My shattered heart

My heart is long overdue for
So many times I’ve taken the elevator
This time I’m taking the stairs
There’s nothing easy about it
Removing shards while you’re awake
It’s a painful process
But necessary in order to survive
This saltwater comes as medicine
I use it as an ointment
Call it a healing agent
I had built up barricades
Placed together well-made levies
Set up a dam
So that the water daring to trickle out
Couldn’t flow like a rapid
But life hit me like a typhoon
And one day
It all came crashing down
Causing flooding all over the place

And in the midst of it all
I could hear God say

It’s okay to cry
It’s okay

I’m tired of playing strongman
I won’t do it anymore
I’m learning to be assured
That even when I’m crying
I still have strength from the Lord
This saltwater
No matter how bitter it may be
Sour it tastes
It’s okay
Some days will be better
Others worse than the last
But I’m learning
That crying doesn’t take away the joy
Or make the day
Any less of a success

You can call it sorrow
A despairing thing to drink
I call my tears saltwater
I call it life
So despite what the world thinks
Crying didn’t kill me
It released the pain

I can breathe now
My heart doesn’t hurt so bad


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