Something I Was Supposed To Post…a LONG Time Ago

(This poem was inspired after I seeing too many outfits for little girls that were too adult for my taste)

I REMEMBER WHEN           (9/6/13)
I miss the days
When children dressed like
And kids looked like kids
The outfits that I
A woman in her twenties
Would wear
I see being designed for them

The word
Rests upon my lips
Who makes bathing suits
For little girls
Barely covering their hips?
Who comes up with
The brilliant idea
Of putting six year olds
In thongs?

It makes you wonder

That kidnapped little girls
Made them dress up
Like they were grown
And put makeup on
Telling them to smile
While they take their photo

So why are you designing
Lacey short shorts
And see through tops
For my seven year old niece
Soon to be eight
And tight skinny jeans
For someone’s ten year old?

Everyone turns away
Don’t even give it
A second thought
Until it’s their daughter

The worst part is
An elementary student
Couldn’t buy it on their own
So it had to be their mother
She’s the one who bought it
Because no father alive
Would buy clothes like that
For his little precious one
His sweet baby girl

I miss corduroys
And dresses with frill
And lace bows
I miss when kids dressed like kids
And not twenty something adults

I miss mismatched colors
Cheerful patterns
Clumsy buttons
One-piece swimwear
Because why does my baby
Need to be in a bikini?

I long for straggling shoelaces
That are slowly being replaced
With high heel boots
And too tall wedges

I miss, oh how I miss
When kids
Didn’t have miniature versions
Of my outfits
And their racy counterparts
Clothing I wouldn’t dare
Put on myself
Let alone walk out the house
In it

I beg of you
Let the kids be kids
Don’t force them to be
Older than what they are
Let the children be children
Let the kids be kids
Let the kids be kids
Ask yourself

If it was your child
Would you really allow her
To wear things like this?


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