Ms Lauryn (POEM)

MS LAURYN                11/12/13

Fame is short-lived
No matter how great you are
It’s passes over faster than a
–shooting star
They’re saying your name like
–knowledge of you
Is common sense
But tomorrow
They’re speaking of you in the
Past tense
Don’t hold on so tight to it
Because people will be people
They’ll love you and forget you
So get used to it
The only one that seems to
–remember you
Is God
Who says you don’t need
Other people’s validations
You don’t need
Other people’s reinventions
Of yourself
He made you
He can tell you who you are
–before anyone else
You can find the breakdown
In a love letter composed in the
–form of 66 books
Celebrities die before they even
–hit the ground
Before their hearts stop beating
It’s a brawl to fight for relevance
But God says
Even when they bury your
And can’t recall your name
You have been
And will always be
My trending topic
My top story
The most important thing to Me

I appreciate your compliments
Your likes and retweets
But I don’t thrive on them
Not like I used to
They’re nice, it’s all so very nice
But God gives me worth
Way before you do
So though you’ll put me down
Drowning me in criticisms the
–day after next
I’ll take God’s applause
In the midst of your laughter
His approval of me
As you throw shade
And give me the SMH
I just SMH
Lift up my hands
And give the Lord praise
For making me who I am
Designing me this way
I’m still trying to figure it all out
But I’d be a liar
To say I got it all figured out
As I write this to an audience of
Lord thank You
For Your Son
Thank You for Your Son
Mercy and grace
Notoriety isn’t what I need
I just need Christ
You may disagree
But just look over my life
I wasn’t supposed to make it this
Father almost aborted me before
–I was born
Had he gotten that vasectomy
Wasn’t supposed to make it this
My mother and I almost died
While she was carrying me
I wasn’t supposed to make it
When I went to swallow those
–pills at 15
And His hand reached out and
–stopped me
When my mom was driving the
And that driver that hit us
Just nearly missed me
I wasn’t supposed to make it
So I thank God
The Father of us all
That He rewrote the story
He saved my life
So excuse me but
I don’t need your likes to survive
I don’t need to be famous to be
I’m already somebody
I’m a survivor
I don’t need your temporary
Selective memory of who I am
God knows me
And He already gave me a crown
Placed right on top of my head

I know you can’t see it
Just like my faith
But one day
I hope you’ll peer into the mirror
And see the one He has for you

People don’t make you who you
Because God already created
Let them say what they’re gonna
There will come a day
When the thing they treat
Like The Emperor’s New Clothes
Will become very real
Before their very eyes
And all will confess it
None will be able to deny

Fame is so short-lived
Don’t let eternity pass you by


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