POEM: Holding on to Truth

(This poem was posted today on my church’s blog: http://www.ktorradio.com/templetalk/ so feel free to visit and read our postings. I wrote this poem and was immediately encouraged by what God gave me, so I was led to share it and encourage all of you. Take care and God bless!)


Valleys, hills and plains
I only see
There is no end to this pain
But my God assures me
There is

I keep walking
Stumbling over the thought
That perfection
Is what I’m supposed to be
But in actuality
Perfection is what God is
And by perfecting me
He helps me to become better

I am a better me
No matter what the enemy
Comes whispering
And hissing into my ear
I am a better me

A stronger, wiser
More capable version
Of my former self
Everyday I put on black
To prepare for the burial
But when I rise in the morning
I wear white

I am a new creature
So when you see me
With my black on
It is a symbol of empowerment
I killed my flesh today
When you see me with my white
It is celebration

I have turned another page
And though he slay me
Though the devil come in
Like a wave
Seeking to sift me as wheat
I give praise
I give honor to the One
Who made me

On this day
I am a better me
I don’t care what you say

I am
A better me


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