4SON 2014: “Lion Crossing (I Pt. 5:8)”

This was the kick off for this year’s 4SON (4th Sunday Open mic Night) I apologize for the blurriness; I’m still trying to figure out the steaming on YouTube.


POEM: “It’s Okay…”

(I wrote this one today. This is one of my Overflow poems–I have to go back and count up what number this one is, so until I do I’m using the first couple of words as the title. As always I pray this is a blessing to you and that it ministers to you, the way it did for me)

It’s okay baby girl
It’s quite alright
I’d cry too
If I finally discovered
Just how real a love is
From the One who laid down
–His life
After stepping down from paradise
Because on that third day
He rose again
So you could have life
So grace and mercy would be
–with you
Long as you are still breathing
He rose for you
And though He left
He stayed near to your heart
Departing with a gift
Sending you the Comforter
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