POEM: “It’s Okay…”

(I wrote this one today. This is one of my Overflow poems–I have to go back and count up what number this one is, so until I do I’m using the first couple of words as the title. As always I pray this is a blessing to you and that it ministers to you, the way it did for me)

It’s okay baby girl
It’s quite alright
I’d cry too
If I finally discovered
Just how real a love is
From the One who laid down
–His life
After stepping down from paradise
Because on that third day
He rose again
So you could have life
So grace and mercy would be
–with you
Long as you are still breathing
He rose for you
And though He left
He stayed near to your heart
Departing with a gift
Sending you the Comforter

He promised He’d return for you
And you know He always keeps
–His promises
God always keeps His promises

My God what kind of love is this
That You would do all of this
Just for me
What kind of love is this
That you love me past what man sees
To bring out the best in me
Despite what everyone else thinks
And regardless of what I see

My God, I love You, Lord
I’m scared even as I say it
Yet I’ll say it again
I love You, Lord
The words pour out from my lips
In fear my past rises up
How can I say that?
I feel like a liar
Because I’ve failed You
So many times
Oh great and holy Father

But You love me
I have strayed away
Even when You begged me to
You said, Daughter please
Daughter please don’t go
Darling I love you
Please don’t leave Me now
When you’re so close

So close to intimacy
So close to love
Closer than close
You’re my Friend
When I can find none
You’re my Counselor
And Consoler
When I have no one to ask
And no one will listen
You’re better than a boyfriend
More desirable than any man
Because no man can take care of
The way You have
You know me better than my best
And You continue to love me
Even past the end

Renew my heart; make me alive
Crumble away the stones inside
Tear it all down, til only You remain
No matter how much it hurts
You will help me to endure the pain
Bless me Lord, however You see fit
I love You, God so this is it

I will come into Your arms
And no matter the situation
Or circumstance
I will call to You because there’s
In praying hands
I will praise because there’s power
In my cries for You

You went the distance for me
Why not do the same for You?


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