Battle Cry (Poem)

(I’ve been struggling to get something, anything on the page lately. I pray this poem encourages all of those going through the same battle)

Battle Cry                         5/23/14

I’m battling through laziness
Doubts and self deprivation
I’m battling
Every time I lay a pen to the paper
My fingertips to the keys
I’m battling
Struggling to breathe
I’m battling
I’m fighting
And it feels like no one is in this
Except for me
But I know my God is with me
Lord show me what I’m not seeing
What is it that I’m missing?

I’m battling
I’m battling through.

Darkness fades
Light pours out from the lamp stand
But the bulb’s pretty dim
I’m taking licks like a designated
Whipping post
Beat me up
I beat up me
Ever try to create a work of art
When the pen is empty?

But God knows I’m battling
Satan’s snatching away elements
Blocking my path with distractions
Yet I’m refusing to lay down
I know what God gave me
Jesus rose up
I can’t go out like this
I refuse–I won’t!

You might think this is a joke
But I plays no games when it comes to this
“No Jugamos Juegos”
That’s my word–I swear on my life
I gotta push forward
I must do what’s right
The good and honorable thing to do
That which is pleasing to my Lord
I can’t let this go
I won’t give up
No, I won’t

No I won’t, no I won’t
The enemy’s telling me let go
But I’ve got a death grip
I’m holding on pretty tight
He’s got covetous eyes on my gift
But I’ve had this since the day
I wrote the letter A
I’m not doing it
Won’t go for it
Devil himself can’t take this from me
Because you can’t steal things
When there’s a permanent inscription
With someone else’s name on it.

It’s got my name on it
It’s mine, I know it is
You can try and shake me
Turn my family and friends against me
Remind me of everything I’ve lost
But when when I add up the cost
I know that in the end
It’s worth it all
I will heed the voice of my Savior
I will answer the call
Of my God and my Lord

You can’t beat me
And that irritates you,
Doesn’t it?

You can’t shake me
No matter what you do
And that really irks you,
I’m sure it does.

You cannot control me, devil
I will not be bested
Because I serve One
Who’s the best of the best
He is the best
Perfection in it’s most absolute essence
Even you–coward–bow down
Before the holiness of His presence
And you

You will not defeat me!
You will not win!
I am the survivor
The champion
The fighter
Because of He who lives
He lives, God lives!

So rise up children
What are you waiting for?

Do you not recall
That you serve an all powerful
And mighty Lord?

The one true God
King of Kings
Lord of Lords
Ruler of all
And He never stopped being in control
Because He gave you a job to do
Never made us the gods
Because we have Him to answer to
God raise us up
Help us to tarry on
Even when we don’t understand
Or think it’s unfair
When we are frustrated with our steps
Or the vision doesn’t seem as clear.

Remove this haze
You don’t own me
Remove this fog
You can slow me
But Satan,
I declare unto you
You SHALL NOT stop me
I declare it today
I will do what my Lord asks of me
Even when it hurts
When I find myself rejected
And upset
I will do what He asks me
And move forward in Him.

You can break me into a thousand pieces
And rip those pieces into a thousand more
But after the mourning and the grieving
I will smile after the tears, joy pouring out of me
Because I know I serve a God
Who will take those broken parts, bring them together
To transform me and turn a broken former part of myself
Into a much better and stronger me.

You can’t stop me and you never will
And that’s what upsets you the most.

Devil can’t stop you
From unleashing the greatness
Resting inside.

Devil can’t stop you
Unless you allow him to.


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