Shallow Hal’s and Hallie’s

Hold on to this thought…

God reminded me that the man He is preparing for me is my superman, but he’s still just Clark Kent…

I remember when I first came to God asking about my future husband, and the only thing that I kept asking for was, “I want my husband to be FINE! I mean REALLY, REALLY fine. All my friends gonna look at him and be like, ‘DANG GIRL! You did good!’ And I’m gonna be like, ‘Yeah…I know, huh?’ Yeah, I mean…I want him to be god fearing, too. And all the other good, godly stuff…a romantic…but he gotta look GOOD!”

I’ve grown up some since that day. I now know I need more than a man who looks good; I need a man who has a strong relationship with God, a family man, hardworking, spontaneous, still romantic, passionate about poetry…I desire for God to give a man who’s right for me, even if he’s not everything I wanted, he’ll be everything I need.

Yet still…even as I thought on about it today, “I want him to look really good…”

Then there was this slight epiphany that occurred, where I saw that it wasn’t good enough if my future husband looked good to me. I wanted him to look good to everyone. I wanted for people to see him and say, “Ooo, her husband is VERY handsome!” I desired more for my “godly husband” to be a piece of eye candy that I show off to everyone rather than the love of my life who treats me right.

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The Romans Project (Chapter 6 Cont.)

Romans 6:3 KJV,

“Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?” (Rom. 6:3)

When I studied Romans 6:3, the thing that God stressed to me was that I needed to let go of dead things (my sin, past hurts, bad relationships, etc.) because all I was doing was weighing myself with dead weight.

Dead things = dead weight, and when you’re holding on to dead weight (whether naturally or spiritually) you can’t move forward. You can’t get to where God has for you to be holding on to all that junk; this was something I had to learn.

God won’t use someone who’s heart is full of hate, unforgiveness, resentment and disobedience, but He will take that same heart when it becomes repentant and make it new; God can transform it.

All you have to be, is willing.

So let’s examine the three points for this verse:

  1. God must have reign in my life, over my life, if I seek a better way than what I’ve gotten used to, no matter how hard it is or how difficult it may be, I have got to let go.
  2. Jesus took all those things that held me bound when He died so I would no longer be a slave to sin. For that I owe Him my life because He gave up His in place of mine.
  3. Holding on to stuff in my heart, in my life, that needs to be removed is like holding on to a dead body, trying to resuscitate it. (Time for me to let go and let God show me the way, and remove all the things that don’t belong in my heart)

Read over these three points, hold on to them…Now let’s get to it.

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I.O.U Prayers (Poem)

I’ve thought on it awhile and I’ve decided this poem will be part of my book (still looking to publish by December 14 of this year). More than likely I’ll edit and edit it some more by then, but I was inspired after seeing a tweet on my timeline from someone asking for prayer. I thought about tweeting them, “Prayers going up!”

Then I thought, why not just pray for them instead?

I pray this poem is a blessing to those who read it and that it ministers to you.


6/18/14        I.O.U. PRAYERS

If I had a nickel for every time I said
“I’ll pray for you,”
Or every time I heard,
“I’ll pray for you,”
My God
I’d have a bank full of money

But a spiritual bank full of I.O.Us
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The Romans Project (Chapter 6 Cont.)

So I just saw that I’m actually TWO WEEKS behind. Can’t let that happen again! My apologies for that folks.

All right then, let’s get to it!

Last week we talked about Rom. 6:1,

“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?” (Rom. 6:1 KJV)

We talked about how grace is not meant to cover the tab or be used as a get away free card; grace is rather something that gives us a chance to right our wrongs, get back in line with God’s will and turn away from our sin.

This week we’ll focus on Rom. 6:2,

“God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” (Rom. 6:2 KJV)

God’s grace is still being addressed here. As I studied this, God kept stressing to me that His grace and mercy were designed to give me freedom. He made me to be free in Him, but I’m the one holding myself back when I disqualify myself because of my sin, past sins or just the simple fact that I will sin. Here are the three points for Rom. 6:2,

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