The Romans Project (Chapter 6 Cont.)

So I just saw that I’m actually TWO WEEKS behind. Can’t let that happen again! My apologies for that folks.

All right then, let’s get to it!

Last week we talked about Rom. 6:1,

“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?” (Rom. 6:1 KJV)

We talked about how grace is not meant to cover the tab or be used as a get away free card; grace is rather something that gives us a chance to right our wrongs, get back in line with God’s will and turn away from our sin.

This week we’ll focus on Rom. 6:2,

“God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” (Rom. 6:2 KJV)

God’s grace is still being addressed here. As I studied this, God kept stressing to me that His grace and mercy were designed to give me freedom. He made me to be free in Him, but I’m the one holding myself back when I disqualify myself because of my sin, past sins or just the simple fact that I will sin. Here are the three points for Rom. 6:2,

  1. When God gave you grace, He gave you back your life. So you have got to stop walking around in death and live (You stop walking in death when you decide to say, “Enough is enough of this”).
  2. I am the only who puts myself into a corner when I place limits on what I can do (I am capable, I can do it, I belong here).
  3. You can’t stop what God has already put into motion and I can because He called me, therefore He qualified me.

Read over these points, hold on to them…now let’s continue.

The very first thing the Spirit spoke to me as I studied was this, “When God gave you grace He took your life back. When you flee from temptation and choose to live righteously, He took your life back. When you decided you wanted a saved life and gave yourself over to Him—HE TOOK YOUR LIFE BACK from the devil and then you were no longer dead, but alive.”

A lot of us are like the walking dead: we’re breathing, walking and talking, but we’re not living; we’re just existing. Jesus came and rescued us out of that grave we were in by giving up His life in exchange for ours. Grace was then extended our way, all the things the devil ever stole from us—Jesus took it back.

“Therefore you cannot say, ‘I am alive,’ and you are walking around covered by death, walking in death. He gave your life back so that you could live, but you have got to rise up and say, ‘Enough is enough of this.'”

Sometimes, it really is just as simple as getting up. That’s all we have to do is get up, but instead…

We have pity parties.

We make excuses.

We finally just shrug it off and say, “This saved life was never for me anyway. I’m better off doing my own thing.”

I’ve come to see that sometimes I can take on the mentality of a defeatist; I give up without even trying because the challenge in front of me appears to be just too difficult to take on.

“…no matter how high Satan tells you the wall is or however many walls there are, you know that no such wall exists. There is nothing keeping you from doing what you need to do—just walk through it.”

When you serve a God who’s capable of all things, it doesn’t matter what the challenge is—whether that obstacle is dealing with certain people, like family or friends, or even yourself—there’s nothing you cannot do with God on your side. I don’t care what the enemy is telling you—God said I can do it, therefore that’s good enough for me.

The Spirit told me I needed to start speaking life and positivity into myself. Every time I thought, “I’ll mess things up,” I needed to say, “No I won’t, because I may fail but you can’t stop what God has already put into motion.” When I thought, “I’m not good enough,” I needed to say, “Yes I am because God called me therefore He qualified me.”

Anything God assigned you to do, He chose you because He specifically designed it for you to do. He knows that the assignment will build you and further prepare you for what’s ahead. It may seem daunting, but He already prepared you in advance; you have nothing to worry about, just keep your eyes on Him and even when you lose focus He won’t let you drown. Remember Peter when he walked toward Jesus on the water?

It’s one thing to hear we can do all things because of Christ who strengthens us; it’s another thing entirely to actually believe that and know it for ourselves.

“There is no limit you can’t reach nor obstacle you cannot overcome. You are more than a conqueror and you need to internalize that within yourself. You’re a champion and champions always win because even after defeat—they get up and move forward, training harder for the next round. You’ve just got to train harder.”

Just because you’ve been knocked down doesn’t mean you’re out of the race, and it doesn’t mean the fight is over; it means that you’ve got to get up, regroup and draw closer to the Lord, dig deeper in His Word and come harder and stronger than ever against the attacks of the enemy. It’s not over until God says it’s over, and God is not going to give up on you—so get up and get back into the ring.


To be continued…


One thought on “The Romans Project (Chapter 6 Cont.)

  1. Great insight here. We have a new life in Christ. As a result, we don’t ever again have to bow down to our old idol of sin. He cut our chains; we are free in him, and have the Holy Spirit in us to strengthen us. We don’t ever have to be alone to face those attacks again.

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