The Romans Project (Chapter 6 Cont.)

Romans 6:3 KJV,

“Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?” (Rom. 6:3)

When I studied Romans 6:3, the thing that God stressed to me was that I needed to let go of dead things (my sin, past hurts, bad relationships, etc.) because all I was doing was weighing myself with dead weight.

Dead things = dead weight, and when you’re holding on to dead weight (whether naturally or spiritually) you can’t move forward. You can’t get to where God has for you to be holding on to all that junk; this was something I had to learn.

God won’t use someone who’s heart is full of hate, unforgiveness, resentment and disobedience, but He will take that same heart when it becomes repentant and make it new; God can transform it.

All you have to be, is willing.

So let’s examine the three points for this verse:

  1. God must have reign in my life, over my life, if I seek a better way than what I’ve gotten used to, no matter how hard it is or how difficult it may be, I have got to let go.
  2. Jesus took all those things that held me bound when He died so I would no longer be a slave to sin. For that I owe Him my life because He gave up His in place of mine.
  3. Holding on to stuff in my heart, in my life, that needs to be removed is like holding on to a dead body, trying to resuscitate it. (Time for me to let go and let God show me the way, and remove all the things that don’t belong in my heart)

Read over these three points, hold on to them…Now let’s get to it.

Studying this verse, God had me focus on, “…baptized unto his death”

When Jesus died He redeemed us, washed us and made us clean, He took a place on the cross that was reserved for us. In doing so, He gave us freedom, life and a chance at eternal life, “When Jesus died, He took all those things that had made you a slave and death with it.”

In this, that is not to say we will not face a natural death or that by accepting Him we avoid a spiritual death. What it means is we were destined for hell but Jesus’s sacrifice gave us an option. We do not have to go to hell–we can choose to live. Therefore we are not slaves to sin, but we are indebted to Jesus Christ our Savior because we owe Him our very lives.

You can be surrounded by mess and death so long that you become complacent with it. This is where I was last year when God put me on assignment to study Romans 6-8. I had become used to carrying burdens, malice and all other kinds of things in my heart when Jesus already took it away at the cross. I was used to doing things my way for so long that when I was called to a higher level in Him, suddenly I found it harder to fully obey God.

I also had a lot of things I needed to repent for, but I kept trying to bury it with works and pretending that I was okay instead of just coming clean with God so He could clean me up.

“God wants you to have a BETTER way. He wants to show you a better way that can lead you to eternal life.” I don’t care how long you’ve been in the church—being saved doesn’t mean not having to deal with things, or that you no longer need deliverance, or that you still don’t tussle with doing things YOUR way versus God’s way.

Especially when doing things God’s way seems to be unfavorable, unpleasant, uncomfortable or even painful. Especially when things didn’t work out the way you had hoped or didn’t happen in the timeframe YOU set.

Then what happens? We begin to feel like God let us down, “No, no, no God! This is not what I wanted! This isn’t what I asked You for! Why me? Why I am going through all of this? God I’ve served You with all my heart, haven’t I? So why are all these other people who don’t even believe in You getting ahead of me? God why? I don’t understand…I don’t understand…”

And we find ourselves drifting back to old habits because we didn’t give God time to work nor did we have enough patience to wait. In other words, we often do not give God the same courtesy that He gives us.

Think about it. Think real hard. Is there something God is waiting on you to do right now? Has there ever been a time where God was calling for you to come and you made Him wait?

I can think of a few right now that I know for a fact God is still waiting on me to complete, to get started on.

Thank God for grace…

So yes, I started feeling like “why me” and thinking “I don’t understand” and the whole time I was missing the big picture altogether, “What you go through is not all for not. God is positioning you by removing all the scales, all the weights, the burdens—those things that haven taken up so much space and so much of your life.”

Sometimes we need a Saul becoming Paul experience. Once we go through the transformation the scales are removed from our eyes, all the ugliness and filthiness that was inside of us is gone—we become a new creature in Him.

God wants what’s best for us, He knows what’s best for us and that means allowing His will to go forward in our lives. If we truly want that, then we have to live like it.

If you truly want Christ and all He has for you in your life, live like it.

Stop holding on to dead corpses,

“Holding on to things that don’t belong there in your heart is like holding on to a rotting corpse in the hopes it’ll come back to life and it’s been over twenty years.” Picture this: you are holding on to a dead body in your house. Take the number of years you’ve been on this earth and that’s how long you’ve been holding on to it.

Now for every grudge, every sin, every single thing that you held on to (even though God said let it go)—add a body.

Where is there room for God to come in? Where is there a place for Him to put His love, His joy, His peace, His deliverance, His restoration, His blessings and all the other wonders of His glory inside?

We make room for dead things, things that have been over and done for a long time, more than we make room for God. Probably because making room for God means the releasing and casting out of some stuff.

In truth, a lot of times I didn’t want to forget; I wanted to remember so I could have a total recall of my hate for someone or how something made me feel. I don’t think I would be too far off if I said a lot of us have that same mindset.

“I’m going to store this up in my memory bank so I never experience a hurt like this again.”

(Or) “I love the way this makes me feel, even though I know it’s a sin…it just feels too good to let go. It makes me happy, I’ve had it with me all these years. Why let go now?”

Jesus Christ sacrificed His life so that you could walk on this earth as a new creature, free in Him. That sacrifice becomes in vain by holding on to the very things that had us in bondage in the first place.

“It’s time to let go…Every person who was never there for you, every hurt and every pain—let go. And allow God to take over.”

Don’t hold on anymore, just let go.

(To Be Continued…)


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