I can relate to the sorrow of being Clark Kent

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Stage In The Sky

I can relate to the sorrow of being Clark Kent
By Rock Kitaro
Date: August 28, 2014


It isn’t about the powers.

It isn’t about being great or better than anyone else. It’s about the isolation. Being an alien amongst a different race. It’s about being born with a gift or ability that no one else can either comprehend or choose to believe that you have. That frustration of revealing who you truly are to someone else…only for them to either doubt you, look at you like you’re weird…and worst…for them to try to change you when you’ve made peace with who you are.

The best I can do is illustrate who I am through fictional characters. If people know that a character is fictional, they’re more willing to let themselves believe in that which makes the character different from everyone else.

Whether its stubbornness or outright rebellion, there is…

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Serving Christ through Poetry: Remembering Why I Write

God asked me a question one day that had me at a standstill,

“Why do you write?”

He’s been asking me that for awhile now, but more frequently this week, and normally I would’ve been able to come up with an answer. No hesitation or anything.

But this time,

This time I was unable to give a true (and certain) response.

So, I just gave a generic one instead, “Because I love to write. Writing is my passion, it’s what I love to do.”

God being God, He’s not one to fall for the lies we tell other people. You know what I mean. We have a tendency to try and throw up smokescreens to try and cover up and hide what’s really going on. Well, God sees past our smokescreen and the masks we wear; He sees our hearts and those things we attempt to hide even from ourselves.
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Save our Girls 2014

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Journalistic Expressions

*I was originally going to post about hostile Work Environments, which I still will, but something more important has come up.*


James Brown told us best; it’s a mans, mans, mans, mans world. And the frightening fact is, that’s the truth. Even though globally women outnumber men (barely but we still do), we are still the “weaker” of the two genders, the more mistreated of the two genders and the more assaulted of the two genders. AND for this blog’s purpose, please miss me with the what about transgendered, etc. this isn’t about orientation and gender, persay.

This is a public service announcement. PLEASE, SAVE OUR GIRLS. Bring our babies back.

Roughly 230 Nigeria female children, all school-aged, were kidnapped by a terrorist group. The group has stepped forward and claimed responsibility. They are “anti-Westernization” aka “pro-stone age.” They don’t want these girls exercising their right to learn, be educated…

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A Clash of Different Views

Originally I planned to put up another piece today called Dear Brother, but after reading it over it a few times I realized I wrote it in anger and that’s not what God gave me my gift for. I dedicated my life to writing things that give glory and honor to Him, whether they uplift, inspire, encourage or whatever God puts on my heart to do through my poetry. I don’t think Dear Brother did any of that.

So, I started over anew. I pray that this poem does everything God intended for it to do and that it ministers to all who read it. Take care and God bless


A CLASH OF DIFFERENT VIEWS                   8/7/14

“The heavens declare his righteousness, and all
the people see his glory.”
Psalms 97:6
God gave me this
After I wrote a torrent
Of insults and jabs
In Jesus name
And convinced I was in the right
In Jesus name

But wrong is wrong, all the same

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