A Clash of Different Views

Originally I planned to put up another piece today called Dear Brother, but after reading it over it a few times I realized I wrote it in anger and that’s not what God gave me my gift for. I dedicated my life to writing things that give glory and honor to Him, whether they uplift, inspire, encourage or whatever God puts on my heart to do through my poetry. I don’t think Dear Brother did any of that.

So, I started over anew. I pray that this poem does everything God intended for it to do and that it ministers to all who read it. Take care and God bless


A CLASH OF DIFFERENT VIEWS                   8/7/14

“The heavens declare his righteousness, and all
the people see his glory.”
Psalms 97:6
God gave me this
After I wrote a torrent
Of insults and jabs
In Jesus name
And convinced I was in the right
In Jesus name

But wrong is wrong, all the same

It hurts me
To hear
“You’re not really Black,”
“I’m glad you’re not like them,
Not like those other Black people,”
To hear others talk down on my people
And quickly say,
When I rise up in defense,
“Well I wasn’t talking about you.
I was talking about THEM.”

But I am them.

And when a statement is made
About one of them
You are in fact
Talking about me
I am Black
Whether you like it or not
And in case you forgot
You can’t talk about the kettle
Without bashing the pot
Because we’re all the same color
We’re all the same race
So when you insult them
It’s as if you insult me to my face

I am one of them, I am a Black woman
African American and proud of it
I recognize the bad examples
But I choose to rise above it
I am not a stereotype
Nor am I technicality

I am who I am, exactly as God made me to be

But from time to time,
I do forget
That in all things
I am to represent Christ
Not just whenever I want to,
But in every aspect of my life
That means
I show people the same grace
That He has bestowed to me
Including those
Who’s ignorance has bludgeoned me

“But God,
They’re wrong!
You heard what they said!
Saw what they did!
How can I just sit back
And let them get away with that?
I can’t!
That can’t go ignored!”
And suddenly,
I treat my Lord
As though He’s an incompetent God
Who I once respected
As the almighty, omniscient
All-seeing King of Kings
I now act
As if He’s blind to my situation
As though He can’t see anything

My actions are justifiable
This just may be true
But as just as they might be
It does not mean
That it was the right thing to do
“…for the battle is not yours,
but God’s.”

I seek His face in prayer
He sends me to His Word
Tells me to study the verse
Only to remind me
That if I am to be a lighthouse
His glory and majesty shining through me
How can He shine through
When I’m busy clouding it all up
By trying to do His job?

He said,
“What you must ask yourself
Is this:

How will this represent Him?
How will this make me look before Him?
Will this make the situation any better
Or change things for the worse?

I know it hurts
But let Me do what I do best.
I have stood by you,
I have seen you through
Every test
And I will not abandon you,
Not even now.
But how
Can people see Me in you
When you won’t even bow?
Submit to My will,
Even when you’re angry
And you don’t understand.
There are things leading up to circumstance
That certain people are in
And who are you to judge
When you don’t even know their story?”

In all this,
I stopped to asked,
How does God get the glory?

I don’t know your story
I would love to find out.

Hearing such negative views
Of women of my race
Sparks a rage
And is offensive
But me getting belligerent
Doesn’t help matters, either
So let’s both drop our walls
Problems don’t get solved
Being on the defensive
Or trying to force others
To accept and see your point of view
That’s not respect
That’s selfishness
And it’s such an ungodly hue

I’m not the standard for anyone
I’m not the definition of what it means
To be a Black woman
But I try my very best
To be the best woman I can be
While understanding
That it’s not myself,
Nor Black women I represent,
But I go in representation of my Savior
I go before my Lord

I’m not the best
I’m just working to get better
I just pray
That together
We will learn how to see past a person
And look into their souls

I charge up those
Who look at one race as all the same
I was once guilty of the same crime
It wasn’t race
But choice of faith
I said all Christians were alike
“All of them are hypocrites!
And most of them worse than me!
I don’t need their God or their Jesus!
Me, myself and I—that’s all I need!”
Then one day
I got saved
And immediately flipped the script,
“They don’t know who God is?
They’re all going to hell!
Look at her, look at him—
Carrying on in their sins!
It’s a shame…
They’ll probably never make it.”

Forgetting once again,
That when Jesus died on the cross
That was His love saying
I can take it

He can take it
Even when I can’t, He can
Because seven times seventy
God has forgiven me
Way beyond that

God mold us,
Shape us,
Make us brand new
Help us to love
And see people the way You do
What it means to live under Your grace
And tender loving mercies
And how to pass that on to others
Helps to love one another
As sisters
And brothers

I pray God continues the work
In each and every one of us
And even when you can’t see it
Know that God still works and is working
Believe, have faith and trust
That God is God
He is who He says He is

So even when they’re slinging mud
When they belittle everything you do
God never left
He is your witness when none can be found
And He is right there with you

Know that I am sorry
I don’t know your story
But glory be to God
Because I know that at the end of this
At the end of your trials
At the end of all your storms
A beautiful testimony awaits
My God—I praise God now
For the you that comes after the transformation

We never arrive
Always growing
God lives inside of you
Therefore we must live our lives
So that the God in us shines through
We may not always see eye to eye
But together
Let’s walk this walk

I’ll walk this walk with you

Let’s walk this walk together
Let’s let the God in us shine through

I will
Walk this walk
With you

Grace, peace and blessings be to you


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