I can relate to the sorrow of being Clark Kent

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Stage In The Sky

I can relate to the sorrow of being Clark Kent
By Rock Kitaro
Date: August 28, 2014


It isn’t about the powers.

It isn’t about being great or better than anyone else. It’s about the isolation. Being an alien amongst a different race. It’s about being born with a gift or ability that no one else can either comprehend or choose to believe that you have. That frustration of revealing who you truly are to someone else…only for them to either doubt you, look at you like you’re weird…and worst…for them to try to change you when you’ve made peace with who you are.

The best I can do is illustrate who I am through fictional characters. If people know that a character is fictional, they’re more willing to let themselves believe in that which makes the character different from everyone else.

Whether its stubbornness or outright rebellion, there is…

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