Night Sky Prompt (Da Poetry Lounge Contest)

This is a poem I wrote for the FitW (Fachucha Is the Word) 500 word poetry contest held by Da Poetry Lounge on their blog. The writing prompt was, “If the Night Sky could talk, what would it say to you?” I entered but no winner was ever selected. So…I figured I’d just go ahead and share it with you all. I pray it encourages you all to never stop dreaming and to never stop pursuing your dreams, and that it’s okay to have a good cry now and then.


I remember your tears
You used to cry so much
I’m surprised that pillow doesn’t have mold
Or mildew

When you were little
You used to get upset because your sister
And brother
Would call you crybaby,

I recall the flecks of drops
Splashing from those pretty lashes of yours
You were so melodramatic, though
Thinking those flecks where enough
To outnumber the stars
I chuckle at the thought

Tears outnumbering stars
You could live two entire lifetimes
And still come up short
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One Page Fridays: Half Full, Half Empty

This poem focuses on relationships, in the sense that I hate to hear women who have a good man complain or nag over the tiniest things. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to my channel on YouTube & thanks in advance for watching.

My videos are getting better I think… 🙂

Fan Girl (Poem)

I’ll be doing a post for this, but I thought I’d go ahead and share the poem that inspired it. For all those fan girls out there, I’m letting you know in advance this is probably going to cut deep. As always, pray that this is a blessing to all who read it and that a message is received from it.


Slowly fading away
I awake from this suspended reality
Child’s play
That’s all it is
Child’s play
Dive deep into your imagination
Play pretend for hours
But just pretend it’s only been
Help me to see my sin today

Broken people
Broken pieces
All trying to make them fit like a
I’m infatuated
With false images
And all I have left to go on
Are bits and snapshots
Mere traces
Not even close to a remnant

You think you know them
Just because you read their tweets
Watch their videos
Like their fan page
Give them hearts on their photos
And follow them
On every social network account they
But the Internet is like a house of mirrors
Everything you see is distorted
You only see what they want you to see

You only get a sneak peek
You don’t get full access to the real deal
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Euphemisms and Such (Revamp)

Hello all! I reworked, rewrote, added on, adjusted, edited, nipped, prodded and repeated the process all over again until this was the result. I won’t say this is final because I will more than likely come back to this and work it over again (I’m a bit of a perfectionist sometimes). Therefore I can’t wait to post up a poem until it’s completely done because more than likely it’ll never be read by anyone.

I hope that this poem is a blessing to all those who read it and that a message is received from it. This ended up coming out longer than the original 5 pages (8 pages in all), so if you can make it that long (and I think you can) then you’re in for a treat. Without further ado, I present to you “Euphemisms and Such”


I was told
That you should leave something
Than when you found it
So does that include people, too?

When you break up with someone
As painful as it might be
Shouldn’t you both leave each other
Better than
When you found each other?
No, it didn’t work out
You tried
It just wasn’t a good match
Shouldn’t you both be walking away
As stronger and wiser individuals
With lessons learned
From mistakes made
And a greater understanding
Of getting closer to what it is you truly want?
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Euphemisms and Such (Snippet)

(Another new poem today–I’m only going to post up a section. I started reading over it and there are some things I want to do with it before I post it up in its entirety)


Shouldn’t we both be walking away
As stronger and wiser people
With lessons learned
From mistakes made
And a greater understanding
Of what it is we truly want?

Some of us don’t leave behind people
We leave behind ruins
Towers and structures that were just fine
Until we came along
And tore them down
Then had the never to steal some of the pieces
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Here’s another one for you guys. Enjoy!


Why do you ask questions
That you already know the answers to?
Let me guess
You were hoping someone
Would buy into the denial with you
Rather than face the truth
Truth is
You over borrowed on a love
You couldn’t hope to keep
Couldn’t afford to maintain
Too costly, all risk
And now
You’re paying back on the interest with
–your tears
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