Euphemisms and Such (Snippet)

(Another new poem today–I’m only going to post up a section. I started reading over it and there are some things I want to do with it before I post it up in its entirety)


Shouldn’t we both be walking away
As stronger and wiser people
With lessons learned
From mistakes made
And a greater understanding
Of what it is we truly want?

Some of us don’t leave behind people
We leave behind ruins
Towers and structures that were just fine
Until we came along
And tore them down
Then had the never to steal some of the pieces

Because it’s not enough to destroy a person
You have to take the pieces of them with you
And when you see them with somebody else
You stare down at those pieces
Getting enraged
Because somehow
You feel as though
They belong to you

They’ll always belong to you, as far as you’re concerned

(We play the same games only to wind up getting burned)


(…to be continued)


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