Euphemisms and Such (Revamp)

Hello all! I reworked, rewrote, added on, adjusted, edited, nipped, prodded and repeated the process all over again until this was the result. I won’t say this is final because I will more than likely come back to this and work it over again (I’m a bit of a perfectionist sometimes). Therefore I can’t wait to post up a poem until it’s completely done because more than likely it’ll never be read by anyone.

I hope that this poem is a blessing to all those who read it and that a message is received from it. This ended up coming out longer than the original 5 pages (8 pages in all), so if you can make it that long (and I think you can) then you’re in for a treat. Without further ado, I present to you “Euphemisms and Such”


I was told
That you should leave something
Than when you found it
So does that include people, too?

When you break up with someone
As painful as it might be
Shouldn’t you both leave each other
Better than
When you found each other?
No, it didn’t work out
You tried
It just wasn’t a good match
Shouldn’t you both be walking away
As stronger and wiser individuals
With lessons learned
From mistakes made
And a greater understanding
Of getting closer to what it is you truly want?

Some of us don’t leave behind people
We leave behind ruins
Towers and structures that were just fine
Until we came along
And tore them down
Then had the nerve to steal some of the fragments

It’s not enough to destroy a person
We have to take parts of them with us
And when we see them with somebody else
We stare down at those fragments we took
Get enraged
Because somehow
We felt as though
They belonged to us

They’ll always belong to us, far as we’re concerned

(We play the same games only to wind up getting burned)
So my question is
Why do that?
Why not just leave well enough alone?

And maybe
Maybe some of us will read this
And say
Heartbreak isn’t planned
No one plans to hurt anyone
Or get hurt
And I would say
You’re wrong

Because some people set themselves up for it
You intend on getting hurt
When you let them stay for a night
On some wishful thinking
But knowing deep down
This was only temporary
Even when they told you
This is only temporary
Nothing permanent
Let’s just have some fun

You planned for it
Because you were shocked
When a one-night stand
Turned into waking up in the morning
To someone laying next to you
And were surprised still
When a few nights here and there
Transformed into a couple of years
Going out
Being seen together in public
Meeting family and friends
And being able to call them by name
You knew all their faces

But then that thing happened
That thing you thought you had planned for
Finally showed up
When everything had run its course
You looked up one day
Staring face to surface
With the other side of the wall
It had been so long
That familiarity almost became
Yet in one fail swoop
You remembered

Confusion sets in
You were pretty sure
That you were the one
Who had finally taught them the word
But that was a term that had not
–been inserted
Into their vocabulary

You called
And called
Called again
All to no avail

You tried to move on
But you kept getting stuck on
What if
Yeah it was the plan
But what if
What if the plan could somehow
Be reversed?

You searched for closure
Didn’t find it
And instead of resolving those
Personal issues
You just decided to go to the next chapter
Without having finished the last one

(And the cycle repeats itself once more)
You planned to hurt
Because it was something about them
Something you just had to have
And you couldn’t walk away
Without getting it
I mean who could right?
Too tempting to pass up

And you’re not quite seeing
Eye to eye
So you just shrug it off
And act as though there is a consensus
So should they get it twisted
You were not the one confused
Or misled
About this entire situation here

You pulled those strings beautifully
The music you made with them
Was beginning to sound a little
Too good
In fact
You were almost beginning to think
This was real and you both knew
This was all an act

You both had an agreement
There was nothing serious going on here
So what did holidays matter for?
And now
Now it’s like they expect to hear from you
So no, you didn’t call them back
You’re not a couple
You’re a…
Geeze you don’t even know now
This has all gotten too complicated

But that look in their eyes
The way they look at you
With a deep fondness
As though every time they gaze into yours
Time has completely gone still
And it’s just you and them
All to yourselves in this world

And for once
You kinda felt a little sorry
For having to ignore them
And shake them off the way you did
But you did
Feel sorry
A little

But they knew what this was from the beginning, right?
You read them their rights
You had told them that a few times
This was only suppose to be for a few nights
A test drive
You never actually intended to get the first one
–off the lot

And while they nursed those tears
You didn’t have to see them

So you forgot
Until you saw them smiling
And that smile
It was one you would never forget

Because it was brighter than the one they had
When they were with you

And honestly
You thought to yourself for that moment
What was so great about the new boo
You could make them smile like that too
You could, couldn’t you?
Of course you could
How preposterous to think someone else
Was better than you

But you could…couldn’t you?

(And the cycle repeats itself once more)
That’s why we steal those fragments, isn’t it?
Hoping for that returned phone call we never got
Out of jealousy from being replaced
These things we know will happen
So before they can steal a part of our hearts
Just like the one we met before them did
We get them before they can get us
And then
We could at least have the pleasure
Of holding them at ransom

We want things we can’t have
And when we chase after them
We plan to hurt, be hurt or possibly both
Yet when Jesus says
“You can have Me.
I am everything you will ever need.
I’ll never leave nor forsake you,
I love you
With an everlasting love
Because My love for you goes beyond
You can have Me.
I ask for your hand,
And as I bend on one knee,
I await you patiently with open arms.
However long it takes
I will wait for you
Because you mean just that much to Me.”
We turn up our noses at His offer
And retort back with a response that says as if

Others with the use of a more strong language
And fowl words

Jesus found us
Transformed us
Made us anew
When He left this world
He took sin with Him
He left us better off
Rather than leaving us in the bondage
We were in
And still, He didn’t abandon us
He’s making plans to come back for His bride

Jesus is love
And real love discombobulates those
Who think it’s all in the attraction
Believe it’s all in the physical
But this love thing goes much deeper than that
It’s all very spiritual

Say what you want
But after the gifts, the trips
And the seemingly never-ending
Passionate midnight rendezvous
After all of that
What else is left
To stand on?

Tell me,
What else is left?

When you don’t understand each other
When the arguments are piling up
And you look across rooms
Glance at fine faces you pass by
On the street
And your mind wonders
If you’d be happier with someone else

When you’re drained
And feel like you have nothing else to give
To anything or anyone
And have forgotten what love even is
Remember Jesus is
And if He brought you together
Let God help you remember
Why He joined the two of you
In the first place

But if He did not
And He tells you
That it is time to go about your way
Know that the Lord
Does not leave a work undone
You will be a better person
Than from when this journey first started out

This I know
I don’t have to settle
For loneliness
When I know I’m not alone

For with God, I am NOT alone

And I pray that I
Engrave each person I cross paths with
Whether it be a past love, friend
Stranger or foe
With the love of Jesus Christ
And leave them a bit sturdier
Than when we first encountered

I cannot go back to the past
And fix all the hearts I broke
I can do my very best
To change and fill those empty, beating vases
With as much love
As I possibly can

If I don’t see a way
To love a certain person
I pray that Jesus will help me
And I believe and know
That He can

Love can overcome anything
Love can do it
My God, Lord Jesus, He can

So Lord,
Do it for me
When I am empty
And feel as though
I don’t have it in me
Jesus do it
Do it for me, please

Your love can withstand
Any and every thing
So Lord do it
Do it
For me


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