Night Sky Prompt (Da Poetry Lounge Contest)

This is a poem I wrote for the FitW (Fachucha Is the Word) 500 word poetry contest held by Da Poetry Lounge on their blog. The writing prompt was, “If the Night Sky could talk, what would it say to you?” I entered but no winner was ever selected. So…I figured I’d just go ahead and share it with you all. I pray it encourages you all to never stop dreaming and to never stop pursuing your dreams, and that it’s okay to have a good cry now and then.


I remember your tears
You used to cry so much
I’m surprised that pillow doesn’t have mold
Or mildew

When you were little
You used to get upset because your sister
And brother
Would call you crybaby,

I recall the flecks of drops
Splashing from those pretty lashes of yours
You were so melodramatic, though
Thinking those flecks where enough
To outnumber the stars
I chuckle at the thought

Tears outnumbering stars
You could live two entire lifetimes
And still come up short

Then your grandmother died
The one on your mother’s side
She was some kind of a woman
Tough, resilient, faithful, tried and true
Always charitable
And constantly praying over you
She told you
Big girls don’t cry
And until her passing
You hadn’t listened in all that time
You had told her in your mind
(Because you wouldn’t dare tell her out loud)
That you didn’t care
You were going to cry anyway

But then suddenly
I watched you
As you choked down bitterness
Sorrow and grief
To keep it all from spilling over
And falling down your cheeks

Suddenly you thought crying was for the weak

But I’ve watched you
I have seen you and I know for a fact
That you are weak
A strong, yet fragile creature
Who needs release just like everybody else

And I just wanted to let you know
Young lady
Your tears are beautiful
The way they shimmer and shine
Cascading gracefully down your radiant face
So it’s okay to cry

Do you still paint dreams?

It’s been so long since you’ve looked up
And sketched out works of art on this
Drawing board

Don’t you try to deny it
I have a library full of portraits
Of you
And your aspirations
It’s been awhile
But I still reminisce about your gaze

It was powerful
Your gaze could retrace constellations
They were so
Realistic it was as if
We were right there
And it was really happening

We both knew they were just dreams
We were certain they’d come true one day

Do you still think that way?

Word gets around
And I hear
That you daydream quite a bit
But you’re not so certain
Of what you really want to do

But then I suppose it is easy
To get older and see desires fade
Like the darkness of the night
Vanishing into morning
You, my dear
Have a gift

And it is too precious to let die

So I say to you
Before you close your eyes
And as you lay down your head
Look up
Catch the glimmer of hope
Holding on in that one solitary star
I placed ever so carefully

You were made for great things
It’s your destiny
So don’t ever stop dreaming
Don’t ever stop believing

Because as long as you are breathing
Anything is possible
If you are willing
To see it through

I believe in you


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