Poem: DID (Damsel In Distress)

(Here’s another one for you. As always, I pray it is a blessing to all those who read it and that you receive a message from it. It is one of my longer pieces, so don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 Take care and God bless)

This is a D-I-D
Call it an S-O-S
Damsel In Distress
I am a damsel
In distress

Knight in shining armor
I need you now
Come quick
I need you to come running
I need you to come running
These bad guys are starting
Not to look so scary

I can’t take it
I’m torn
Between doing what’s right
And doing what feels right
Even though I know it’s wrong
I can’t do this
God knows I can
I just say that I can’t
Because patience
Is not my strong suit
It’s not my forte
Nor is it my area of expertise

I can’t help but wonder
How long you’ve been waiting for me

I long for my first kiss
A thing girls my age
Have usually experienced
At least by the time they were out of high school
And entering into college

I’m sure I’m not the only one
But it sure does feel like it

I get lost in thought just thinking about it

Will it be magical?
Clumsy or smooth
With a little finesse?

The competition is stiff
Or so it seems
All these guys are looking fly
I just want be on the team
Team No Longer Single
Team Finally She Got a Man
I wanna say I finally got a man
And these dude are looking good
I’m beginning to waver
I have started to consider
Lowering my standards

Yet my vanity remains fairly high

God whispers to me now and then
Bringing back to remembrance
That I must wait on the promise
And to imagine the joy that comes with the gift
Of giving and bestowing you the gift
And the honor
Of truly being
My first, my last and my only
In almost all things

My first dance with a boy was in the twelfth grade

Yet while he dance with me at prom
That same boy won’t get the privilege
Of sharing the first dance with me
As husband
And wife

My Lord

I think about you
And feel like crying
Twenty-six years, that’s long enough
Isn’t it?
So many things I just want to be able
To experience
By having a boyfriend
My lone encouragement
Is that one day

I’ll be able to experience all those things
With you


Falling in love with your best friend
By first becoming the best of friends
Then slowly go head over heels
Enjoying and taking in each moment
And when you look into each other’s eyes
You fall in love all over again
Even when you’re angry
And get on each other’s nerves
There’s a part of you that kinda likes it


Taking long strolls somewhere peaceful
And quiet
Where you can both be worlds away
And yet present
All at the same time
You many not even say much
But somehow
You have longwinded conversations
Through the slightest touch
Through the holding of hands
You just want to be close
You just want to be next to each other
And you see the world through each other’s eyes
Because you begin to see as one


The nervousness, the fluttering
Of butterflies
Slow dancing inside your stomach
When they call and you pick up
Or when they pick up after you call

I just want to know what it’s like, is all

I could go on and on
I could write an endless list
Stretching on to forever
And stopping at eternity

So many things I wish for
As I wonder
Love is waiting
For us to begin

Will you ever find me?

Knight in shining armor
I need you now
Come quick
I need you to come running
I need you to come running
These bad guys are starting
Not to look so scary

These bad guys
If you only go by appearances
They seem just as nice as they look
But certain things cannot be overlooked
Because they’re all wrong for me

And truthfully I know that
But it doesn’t make me want them any less

Convenience and impatience
What an unfortunate mix

I’m ready to trade in
One of my greatest rewards
For a right now fix
Some cheap substitute
That I say will do
Until you
Come along

But then it’s the same song
And dance
When God asks me
He asked me

What do you suppose you’ll do
When prince charming does arrive
And you’re still stuck on Mr. Temporary?
You have a long track record
Of holding on to bad habits and bad things
That needed to have been dropped
Some time ago
Do you really believe
That when the time comes
You’ll actually be able to walk away
And let Mr. Not So Perfect After All
Depart and go your separate ways?
Do you think you will actually leave?
Better yet, and even still,
Do you truly believe the devil will
Allow you to turn back without a fight?
He’ll soon as kill you off before doing that
Let bygones be bygones
Leave this thing alone

I could hear it in His tone
We both knew
I wouldn’t be able to do it

I steadily ask myself
On what appears to be a regular basis

What’s the big deal?
What could it hurt
Just to go out for a night?
Can I at least have my first date?
Can I have some fun
Just this once?

I then tell myself
Hold up the cap
Because this child is a dunce
You can’t be that dumb

All it takes is just once
Satan plays for keeps
He’ll lullaby you to sleep
And when he sneaks up to you
Getting within inches
He’ll put you in a death grip
When that happens
You can’t just shake him off
You have to be willing
To have a full out brawl
Because that is what it takes

Lust is quicksand
You know what quicksand does
And yet
You think you’ll be safe
If you tiptoe across it
Instead of diving in head first
But you might as well dive in
Because once you go wading in
There’s no easy coming out

Somebody has to pull you out
And that somebody’s name is Jesus

I cry out
I cry out
I shout aloud

Jesus, come help me please!

Waiting has been difficult these days
I fall on bended knees
Pondering with sweet sighs

And I know what my Father said
That none of these guys
Compare to you
Can’t hold a candle to you
Aren’t fit to stand in your shadow
They can’t come close to you

They aren’t you
And never will be

I feel as though when I finally meet you
And see you
For the very first time
It’ll be a moment made in history
And all those other dudes will be history
In my mind
I’ll forget them all like that owl saying


His and her story
That is my heart’s desire

I try to encourage myself
When I’m tempted to go for
The first thing I see off the shelf
Don’t quit, Jacqueline
Don’t give up—you’re so close
So ridiculously close
I’m close
Yet you seem so very far

I want you with me
And me be with you
I need you, o’ knight
To rush down on your mighty steed
And come through

I hope that you’ll come through
Please don’t pass me by
Because waiting for you to come true
Hasn’t been the easiest
And each year, each passing day
It only gets harder

I wonder
If you’ve been waiting for me, too
And if you have
What it has been like

Sometimes I feel like
I shouldn’t have made God that promise
Shouldn’t have made Him that vow
But now
Here we are
And here I am
Counting down the days
And yet still making wish lists
That coincidentally
These villains apparently fit

Oh knight
Oh sweet and dearest knight
Please hurry
Be on the way

Keep going
And don’t stop until you reach me

Knight in shining armor
I need you now
Come quick
I need you to come running
I need you to come running
These bad guys are starting
Not to look so bad

Dear knight
In shining armor
I need you to come running
I need you to come running
Because these bad guys
Are starting
Not to look
So bad


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