(Poem) Just Fine

(I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything up on here, so I decided I’d write something and share it with you all today. I hope that it encourages you, and as someone who has struggled with self worth, recognize that you are beautiful and we are all imperfect people with flaws. It’s those flaws that make us special and unique so love yourself!)


Do me a favor
Go to the mirror
And look
Look at your nose
Your eyes
Your lips
Take it all in

Then look again

Look at your hair
Now stare down your grin

Step back

Give yourself a double take
And one slow look over
Just for good measure
Now start the process over again

Keep doing this
Until you see something
Because when God created you
That’s exactly what He made you
And there’s nothing wrong with how He made you

God doesn’t make mistakes

Your beauty is exceptional
Even if you never get a single compliment
Or have a single person look your way
Your beauty

You are exceptional

You’re fine
Just the way you are

Just fine, my dear
You’re just fine


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