One Page Friday (OPF): Fahrenheit

I’ve been doing One Page Friday’s for a minute now, but I kept forgetting to post them on here. You are more than welcome to check them out on my YouTube Channel! Until then, I’ll work at remembering to put them up on this blog.

This week’s one pager is “Fahrenheit”


Poem: Natural Beauty

(Happy New Year–it’s been awhile since I’ve written on here so I figured I’d put up a poem. Got big things in store for this year so stay tuned) 😉

NATURAL BEAUTY          1/16/15

I stare at my reflection
For a brief moment
I can understand
Why some women love wearing makeup
My foundation
Makes my skin look flawless
Eyelids sparkling and shimmer
Like they’ve got the midas touch
My lipstick
Appears as though
I crushed rubies and rose petals
And carefully painted it
On my lips
I almost don’t want to take it off

But I do
I gotta get ready
I only did it for the camera
I felt the need to dress it up
On this particular day

As I pour on the remover
Onto the cotton ball
And the layer of foundation
The glittery eye dust
As well as the ruby rose paint
Dissolves away
Something magical happens

Blush red splotches
All over my acne-riddle skin
Slightly discolored lids
From years of heavy shadow use
During my younger years
Are uncovered with a swipe
Plain, subtle lips
Not as bright and lustrous
But delicate, soft
And plain all the same
Spread into a smile
Revealing not so perfectly white teeth
And a new makeover takes place

And it’s better than any concealer
Any manufacturer could ever hope to make

I take a slight step back
Look my face over again
In the mirror
And I think to myself
As I grin with a sweet sigh,
“There she is…
There’s the girl I know.”