One Page Friday: “Sentimental”

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“Flaky” (One Page Friday)

My new one pager I did for last Friday (finally got a chance to upload it today). Be sure to watch more of my one pagers on my youtube channel!

More Than Friends

(Working on some things, but in the meantime…)


Yet skittish of this thing
Blossoming before us

You were
Just some figure to me
You are
My Best Friend
And now
Right now

I dare to say You are becoming
Something else for me
I dare to say
You are slowly becoming

The Love of My Life
The Beat of My Heart
The Quickness in My Feet
The Glowing Warmth of My Smile

Deny it as I may, as I did
With so many others,
I cannot deny
The cheerfulness in my face
As I beam thinking that

This just might be it
A day long awaited for
But a day soon arrived nonetheless

The day where I finally,
FINALLY…fall in love with You, Lord

Although I’m still hesitant to say I love You
I am falling in love with You

One step at a time,
Continue with Your mending, O God

Quick Update

I AM publishing my FIRST book this year! (Whoo Hoo–yay me!)

I WILL continue to post on the blog–I got a job, and I put in long hours, so I won’t be as frequent on here as I used to be but I will make a point to be as active as I can.

I STILL plan on doing a music blog in addition to a spiritual/faith/poetry blog. As of now I can honestly say that I believe God is preparing me for the music blog. Lately He’s having me sit and reflect on the music, songs and artists I like in discovering the “why.” Why do I like that particular song or artist, why is it more special to me than the other songs I’ve heard, etc.

Stay tuned guys…it’s going to be a VERY interesting year.