Consistently Inconsistent…ish

Today I started to write a rant post about how inconsistent I am, how displeased and disappointed I am with not meeting the goals I had set for myself…blah, blah, blah…

As I came to a close, I remembered the reason I began writing this in the first place:

I wanted to continue what I started.

No, I’m not writing blog posts every week. I haven’t done a One Page Friday video in a good while now, and now that I’m think about it, it’s been some time since I last wrote a poem…

But, I’m still writing.

Sometimes in this race you get tired. You get tired of running, tired of stumbling, but most of all, you get tired of being tired. When that happens, you usually stop running altogether.

The thing about God though is that even when it feels like you’re dead last, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is finishing. The Lord is not concerned about your place, your pace, or how many people you left in the dust; His primary concern is you making it across the finish line.

Am I as consistent as I would like to be? No, and I want to change that. Until then, I’m going to be patient with myself and continue to press forward in this race.

I recall the Lord telling me once that I needed to focus on just completing the task rather than how quickly I can get it done. I need to get back to doing that.


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