To Whom It May Concern (OUT NOW)

If you’re reading this, then that means two things:

One—my book is finally available for purchase and
Two—you have perhaps decided to buy a copy of it.

I would say something sappy, like, “This has been a long time coming for me,” and truthfully it has, but I am learning to accept the fact that I will always be constantly working towards a bigger goal than just book sales, readings, performances and stages…Simply put: God has something much greater in store and it makes any desire I could ever have so small. So…insignificant.

What I will say is that I thank you for even considering buying To Whom It May Concern. I will not promise you that it will change your life, or turn things around, because I don’t have that kind of power; God does. I will not tell you that by buying this book you are blessing my ministry, because whether or not you buy it, I am still blessed and fortunate enough to be able to do what I do for the Lord. All in all, when it’s all said in done, I am thankful regardless and I am curious as to what God is going to do once people begin reading it.

I have posted something prior letting everyone know what the book is about here. I have also posted two poems: one that was cut from the book, Passing the Time, and one that is in the book now, The Fruits: Goodness (The Final Chapter). Surprisingly I remember posting it up when I didn’t even think I would do a book for my letter poems.

And now…that day is here…

My hope is that you will buy it, and you’ll read it, and that you’ll gain something from it. In gaining something from it, I pray you’ll share with others and that they’ll also buy it and do the same.

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If you have decided to make a purchase, thank you. If you cannot at this time, but have chosen to spread the word, thank you. Either way, I am thankful and I can only pray my work glorifies His name.

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Religiously Spiritual or Spiritually Religious?

There was a time when I believed in a god. I believed that there was more than one way to get to heaven (or paradise as I used to think of it) and that just simply the belief that a god exists is what makes a person spiritual. It was only when Christians began to talk about this One True God that I would deem that to be religious. I didn’t know who Jesus was–I thought He and God were separate. When I thought of religion I thought of rules, something mandatory that if you didn’t follow then you were wrong, but spirituality as free will—being free to live, believe and do as you please without someone breathing down your neck about how out of line you are.

As a result I grew to hate the church and everything to do with it. I respected it because of my grandmother who was devoted to serving the Lord, but I just couldn’t get with it. I wanted nothing to do with that “Jesus stuff.”

Then as I got older, I found myself going on to accept the very One I rejected earlier in my life.

Upon making that transition, what I have grown to see now is that someone who’s religious can be very stuck on rules and traditions, things that are either misinterpretations of scripture or aren’t even backed anywhere in scripture. For the believer who’s spiritual, however, they look to Christ and His Word for instruction. As they seek Him, they allow their relationship with Him to develop naturally. Someone who is spiritual won’t say you’re in error because you didn’t do something the way they would’ve done it. They encourage you to do it the way God is leading you to do it and to make sure that it lines up with His Word. (If it’s not lining up, then it didn’t come from Him and you shouldn’t do it.)

Now on to this point I’m trying to make.

Saying I love Jesus doesn’t make me religious, because if you have a true understanding of who Jesus is, He’s not some ordinary man. He’s God. He’s a spiritual being, and therefore to serve Him and live for Him you have to actually take on a spiritual mindset rather than a religious one. If we’re being honest, religion can tend to be on the carnal side of things. I was there myself. I was studying His Word on a daily basis, reading several chapters at a time, praying, going to church faithfully, all that,

But I was stuck spiritually because I didn’t understand that living for Christ isn’t a routine or a to-do list. It’s about earnestly seeking Him because you honestly have a desire to. Religion says if I do all these things then I’m good whereas spirituality says, yeah, doing all that stuff is necessary in helping your development and growth but it’s all about the heart. It goes beyond what you do; it reaches to what’s deep down inside of you. So don’t think I’m saying it’s not necessary for you to go to church, to read your Bible, attend bible studies because that stuff is needed but it’s only just scratching the surface. For the religious person, this is a struggle to understand—I know that from first hand experience. Truthfully I’m still making that transformation in some areas of my life, because I’m not there yet but I’ve come a long way from where I was.

I don’t claim a denomination because while I am member of a protestant church (Church of God in Christ or COGIC,) too many put emphasis on their denomination rather than in the One who came for us. Yes, if you ask me what denomination I am, I will say COGIC or Protestant, but it doesn’t make me feel less uneasy. If a person follows the Word of God and serves the Lord with all their heart, then it really doesn’t matter what denomination they are. As you may have heard said, “Jesus did not come for religion. He came for relationship.” It’s important to have structure for sure. God is all about order, “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” (I Corinthians 14:33 KJV) However, your relationship with God is personal—what works for you in your relationship may not work so well for someone else. When I study, I wait and listen for His voice to tell me what to study, whereas other people may like doing devotionals. Either way, we’re both studying and drawing closer to Him. In a way, spirituality means I take Christ and use Him as my foundation. He is my religion, He is my denomination and His Word points me towards Him.

Religion…even the word itself stirs up all kinds of emotions in people, but we have to take the time to understand the difference between the two: religious and spiritual.

I get it. Sometimes as believers we don’t like to make a fuss or don’t want to ruffle any feathers. We understand we’ll be persecuted for His name’s sake, but when it comes down to it we have times where we try to hide. I remember very recently attending a dinner, and while silently praying over my food, I pretended I was fixing something on my jacket to keep attention off myself. It wasn’t until after I did it that I realized it was time for a heart check. Why should I have to hide my beliefs to make other people feel comfortable?

And that’s partly the inspiration for this piece. I’m writing about this because I’m tired of having to tiptoe or walk on eggshells when it comes to my God. I love Jesus, simple as that, and it doesn’t make me super religious, or perfect, or whatever other labels that are usually tacked on. It genuinely means the opposite. If you choose to hate me because of that, then fine. I used to hate people who believed in Jesus too so I can empathize, but it’s not going to make me stop living for Him.

We all have to make choices in life. I’m just asking that you are respectful of my choice just as I will respect yours.

And before you go there—I don’t want to hear about any self-proclaimed Christians who clearly do not follow this principle and live blaring hypocritical or contradictory lives. Grouping us all together is just as bad as people who categorize or stereotype an entire race, saying that they’re all the same. You know good and well that’s not true, just as it’s not true that every person who doesn’t believe hates believers.

The truth is, you won’t ever really understand the difference between being spiritual and being religious until you have faith for yourself. Until I accepted Christ, I didn’t get it, but now…

I do.

Obliterating Obstacles

I can remember a time
At one point
Where I said I was tired of crying
Through with being a cry baby
All that jazz, you know
I’m still tempted to do that
Even now at this very moment
I can feel the hot streaks
The tears streaming down
But this time
No tears are coming out
Maybe because my anger is too fierce
And my pride is too strong

But the pain buried within my chest
Is fresh and it’s very real

I am tempted to weep
To let the tears come spilling out
Not because my enemy won
But because God won’t let me do
What it is I want to do

And what I want to do
Is give each person who rubs me
The wrong way
A piece of my mind
Tell them what I really think of them
Go off so far left
You’d almost think I was right
Yet still
My heavenly Father knows I’d be wrong
“Stop thinking, My child,
You have to get the one up on people.
I don’t know how many times
I can say it.”

Lord knows He’s told me
Over and over again
Nobody’s getting over on you
When you serve an all-knowing God
Nobody, no one

I’m learning
When God raises the standard
The devil tries ever harder
To attack you all the more
But I’m learning
You have to listen
You have to pay attention
In order to win this race
Because it’s not about how graceful
Or how swift you ran
But if you finished

God knows I’m angry
I don’t like being the bigger person
In all honesty
If being small means getting the upper
Then I’d rather take that
Than to sit and endure
But in this I have to remember
There is a way that seems right
Yet leads to death
And when you choose to be tiny
The only one who wins
Is Satan
So Lord God,
I pray You forgive me
For settling to be less than
What You’ve made me to be

You said I’m bigger
Than trifle tiffs and spats
I’m greater
Than minuscule things that
Trigger the ugliest stuff in me
But most importantly
You are God
You are able to help me move
That seem impossible
No way it can’t be done

But even this shall pass
This mountain too shall be moved
I won’t stand for it
I’ve neglected You for too long
I’m running back to You
The real issue is me
And I see it right now
There is fear rattling my bones
But I know You can raise the overcomer
Up out of me
You’ve done it
Time and time before

I trust You Lord,
I trust You

Now I’m going to step back
And let You do
What You do