Personal (Poem)

You called me an animal…
God keeps telling me,
“Don’t take it personal,”
But I can’t help it
You called me an animal
And you did it
In two shots
One intentional
The other subliminal
And the crazy thing is
You didn’t even mean to

You compared me to an animal
Groveling on my knees
To this
So-called God I can’t even see
But for me
I took it to heart
Because I’ve been labeled an animal
Simply just for being Black
But never for being a believer
So a Black believer
Called an animal
Hit me two times
Imagine that

And all I can think is…
You called me
An animal
A beast
With no mind
Unable to think for itself
It just wanders
Waiting for the dinner bell

That’s fine then
You’re entitled to your opinion
I suppose
I consider it a test
Of faith
And growth
Because who can say
They claim Christ
But are unable to love
They avoid every possible fight
Yet it takes two to tango
Doesn’t it?
At least it did, last I checked


There would be no argument
Had I chose not to respond
And honestly
There still isn’t
Because that’s the ugliness in the beauty
Of poetry
You are free to write
And say as you please
Regardless if it’s unpleasing to the masses
What’s said is said
What’s done is done
And there is no new thing
Under the sun

They didn’t believe back then
Why would it be different now?

I admit
Learning to be the bigger person
Is harder than I thought
I took those lines to heart
So I give you your props
You have the power to evoke reaction

But I ask,
Where is the emotion?

I don’t consider this an attack
Especially when I’m fighting
An invisible opponent
Because I can’t see the devil either
But I know he exists
He’s just as real as Jesus is

I’m entitled to an opinion, too
Long as it doesn’t overshadow my belief
Because that would defeat the purpose
Of my writing
So I’ll ask you again

Where is the emotion? Where is the passion?

I’ve written pieces like yours before
All rawness, but no substance
Just inner thoughts spewed
Onto pages
Looking for cosigners
With thumbs up
People who think alike
And such
Who knows
Perhaps this is another one of those
As well

I just wanted to say
You called me an animal
I read it today
And you called me
An animal
And I didn’t appreciate it
You have your reasons
And God will still have His way
I guess in the end
It really doesn’t matter
Because I knew when I called Him
I would have to be ready
To be called all sorts of things
Jesus has been called worse

Your words hurt
But this much is for sure
Neither one of us
Will change our outlook
I have seen others with your disposition
Give this God thing a second thought
We can have a war of words
But it won’t make our pens stop

If I am to be an animal
I am a bird
With a crooked wing
Healed, but not perfectly
It’s much better than the broken
I used to be
I’m still healing
I hope to see you soar one day
Taking to the skies

Like me


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