Cleaning Out the Attic I

(Here’s the first poem of the Cleaning Out the Attic series. May it be a blessing to you and I pray you receive a message from it.)


You are playing a very dangerous game

She dances with wolves
But those wolves aren’t here to play
They’re here to eat

That man is no young boy
Some lost pup you found off the street
You are staring into the eyes of a full-grown
—killing machine
A carnivorous beast
It’s his job to befriend you
To win over your trust
Wag his tail
Let you reach out and pet him a little bit
But when you’ve inched just a slight
—touch too close
And he has slowly lured you away
—from safety
When you’re too far away to escape
He’ll lunge and go for the jugular
Before you can think to make a sound
Let alone a whisper

Don’t be stupid
He can smell the naivety wafting all over
He caught a whiff of you
Soon as you walked onto the scene

She dances with wolves
But I guess
She just don’t understand

Wolves don’t protect your heart
They mangle and mutilate
There are hundreds of girls like you
With gaping chest wounds
And the thing about the wolf
Is that he never has to steal it
He’ll coax you into giving it to him
Right out of your hand

Don’t be deceived
This is nothing like Hollywood
Or some kind of innocent fairytale daydream
Girls like you come a dime a dozen
And every single one of them
It won’t be me
I’ll be the one to make him change
You’ll see

You don’t know just how incorrect that

You think he’ll marry you
Settle down and help raise a family?
He might leave you with a baby
But the wild is his home
He roams
So he may occasionally stop by
For a late night snack
Then once he’s gotten what he came for
He’s gone

He loves the thrill of the hunt
And he has no interest chasing down
Something he already caught

Girl thinks she so grown
Because she dances with wolves
Yet it’s only a matter of time

Going after lust
Mistaking it for a love jones

One day
He’s giving you kisses
The next day
He’s picking his teeth
With a piece of your bones


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