Cleaning Out the Attic VII

(For part VII of the series, I started to post up a poem called “Quiet Musings II” only to find I hadn’t posted the first one yet. So, I’ll be sharing the first “Quiet Musings” with you today; it’s one of my more shorter pieces. I hope you all will continue to enjoy these unpublished works that I’m sharing, and know there are more to come.)


(Sweet sighs)

I just want to take the beauty
That I find in the lines
I read
I see
And share it with someone
I desire to converse
About the awesomeness
Found in the depths
Of soliloquies and stanzas
And be able to know
They understand me
You know
Not just that occasional head nod
Followed by the “mm-hmm” for “that’s interesting”
I just want to know
That they’re genuinely interested
In going on a journey with me
A journey full of wonder
And exploring caverns of the unknown
Hidden in allegorical undertones
Things seen and seen again brand new
Because that work of art we glanced upon
Has now transformed itself
Into something quite unexpected
But surprisingly refreshing
Then turn to each other and both enjoy
This newfound discovery
That seemingly
Has discovered us
Someone who will give me a challenge
Encouraging growth in the spiritual
And the lyrical
Who’s writings are so incredible
That it pushes me to write almost everyday
Setting the bar up for myself higher and higher
Because their poetry is just that brilliant
And I vice versa
And suddenly
We reach peaks that lead
To being in leagues of our own
Even if it’s not Canon quality
We don’t care
We’re in the zone
And as long as Jesus is with us
Whatever new levels we encounter
The rest of the world can reject
But it’d be okay
Because we’d be home
I want that to be us

I just a need friend
Who breathes and lives to write
Just as much as I do
Because to them
Writing is more than just a hobby
It’s more than scribbling down letters
Taking letters to form words and
Dibble dabbling in a little bit of wordplay
They see it as their craft
And they take their craft seriously
Someone who bubbles over
With excitement
When they write something new
And when they do
They’ll be quick to call me up
So I can hear their newest inspiration
From the Lord Himself
The same way that I do
When He opens my eyes to
Another dimension
There are times I find myself
Scrolling through the contacts in my phone
For that one who will listen
And give me constructive criticism
That critical feedback I need
Without sounding like a hater
Or constantly telling me
“I liked it!”
“That was really good!”
Even if their vocalization
Is limited
They still have enough to say,
“Wow…that’s powerful. I mean,
The way you twisted and turned—
It’s like watching figure skaters dance around
Signing their names on the ice.
Only you’re listening to it, you know?”
Or even,
“Well…you started strong,
You’re hiding.
You can’t be afraid to be transparent
And your rhyme scheme could use some work.”
They’ll tell me the truth
Even if it hurts
Because their honesty is sincere
To a fault
And I know they’re just trying to help
They’re not envious or anything
They want to see me grow
Just as badly as I want them to

Sometimes I long for a friend
Who’s just as passionate about this
As I am
And can introduce me to poets
I haven’t heard of before
Someone who’s not necessarily
A boyfriend
Or a close companion
But just an avid jotter
With notebooks for all their notebooks
Ridiculous I know
But it’s true
I am not writing this because I think
That I’m too advanced for those around me
But in fact
It’s the opposite
I need a willing soul who’ll push me
And inspire me
Even if they’re just aspiring
To be
It’s what I long for, it’s what I need

I just need a friend who’s a writer to the end

I just need a friend


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