Cleaning Out the Attic X

(For today’s poem, I remember when I wrote this I was angry. People were questioning my faith because I was afraid, had doubts or went forward with what God gave for me to do and failed—or at least, it seemed I had—but looking over this poem now, I’ve learned the lesson. God was trying to teach me that I can’t let people trying to scrutinize my relationship with Him get to me; I just have to continue doing my very best to live for Him and go forth. Many times people will spend more time analyzing your relationship with Jesus than they do developing their own. Don’t focus on them and know that you do not have to justify yourself to them, either. Do what the Lord has given you to do and move forward.)


I feel like Job
Blessed beyond belief
Then one day
God decides it’s time for me
To cast away
And suddenly
The whispers stir
And the chattering begins

“Isn’t she a woman of faith?
Why do you think it is that
–she lost everything?
Must not be so faithful
After all.”

And everybody’s got their
And poking
And probing with their nosey
Little noses

Maybe she didn’t pray
Hard enough!
Or maybe,
Maybe she was the one who
–messed up!
Or maybe,”

Or maybe,
I retort in response,
You should mind your own

But God taps me on the
And I hear Him say to me,
“Have you learned the lesson

I feel like Joseph
A shining star
A sole favorite
“Look at me!
Look what my Daddy got me!”

Then things go bad
And suddenly
Suddenly they go from bad
To worse
But this storm brought
And forgiveness

Yet I hear the mockers
Scoffing me
“Huh…guess her God’s not so
After all.
Yeah—I don’t hear her preaching
Jesus now, do you?
Yeah me neither.
Serves her right,
The little do-good,
Little miss perfection!
Act like she so perfect—
Man she don’t know NOTHIN’!
Serves her right…”

Serves me right?
Little do you know
I did everything right
And to the best of my ability
My God is STILL good
Just look what He’s done to me.
I’m thankful
Because He left a ram
Waiting in the bush

But again,
I feel a tap on my shoulder,
“Have you learned the lesson,
My child?
Have you learned the lesson,
Sweet daughter?”


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