Cleaning Out the Attic XIII

(Two more until the series ends. This next one was originally titled “Ms. Beauty,” but was changed to “Ms. Lady.” It focuses on women and girls alike who feel the need to sexualize themselves, reducing themselves to a sexual object, in order to feel as though they have some type of worth. In some cases, these women parade around as though their body and their beauty is all they have to offer, therefore no one takes notice of their mind and all the other things that make them truly beautiful.)


Your radiance becomes you
You look
Oh so radiant tonight
But oh, Ms. Lady
If you do not find
The true nature
Of your point of origin
You’re going to find yourself
In a tough spot
Staring back at an empty shell
A woman who’s thinking
About using all she’s got
While some man is standing over her
Lusting over all she’s got

You’re more than a silhouette and a frame
You’re a somebody
And that goes a whole lot further
Than having body for days
You’re somebody
To Somebody
Who created you in His image
You were made
In the image of God
You’re unique
And you’re not fine as hell
Fiery damnation is unbecoming
Heaven sent is more your style

You mean something
And you’re more than what talents
Those men, those people
Say God gave you
Because He has blessed you
With gifts and with talents
That go beyond anything your body
—can do
And you don’t have to lay down with
Don’t have to take off a single article of
Ms. Lady
Hey girl

I’m talking to you
That’s right
I’m talking to you

Now go and do
What your Father said do
And give life
To that other beautifully radiant dead
Sitting right next to you

It’s a shame, isn’t it?
So beautiful
And doesn’t even know
She’s a rotting corpse


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