Blinders On (Poem)

(I suppose you could say this is the first new poem I’ve written for 2016. Today I woke up wanting to write a thousand things at once. I had poems brewing inside of me, dying to get out as I was writing this one. This year, whatever the Lord gives me to say or put on the page I will not tarry or delay in getting it done. I will simply just do whatever He asks of me. I hope that this poem blesses all who read it and that it inspires you to pursue after what God has called you to do.

And for me…that would be to write.)


If you continue to allow the opinions
—of others
To dictate what paths you should
—take in life
By some unusually rare chance
You just may find happiness
But you’ll never have joy
Or peace

Stirs you awake
When the dream becomes a vision
So though reaching the end zone
Appears to be a hopeless task
The hope you have
Will not die within you
Even when you want it to

Especially when you want it to

I wanted my hope to fade away
The hope to dream, to aspire,
I prayed it would be removed
Finding myself so angry
That I became infuriated with words
ALL of them
I couldn’t stand to see them
Reminders of how I could transform
—them into works
Of art
But left with the throbbing,
Mind-numbing frustrations
Of not being able to get them past
—my laptop screen
Help them escape the confines of my

The struggle
Devising a plan that puts those works
Into somebody’s hands
Making a profit
While being a blessing
A prosperity prophet
And this in turn is why
God said unto me, “Not yet.”

You don’t look to bless people
Only to get blessed
You do it
Because it’s the right thing to do
Despite the days when those same
Ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you
It’s the right thing to do
It’s the charge we’ve all been given

I have decided I must make this my
—new mission
The former was the dream I chased
The latter is now the vision
A dream evolved
Beyond me, myself, I and my pockets
Fill their hearts
Instead of seeking to fill your wallet
And God will take care of your needs

I have so many things
Waiting to burst out and explode
The issue is not a case of writer’s
When I stare at blank pages
For several minutes at a time
The problem
Is that I have a lot of things to say
And the dilemma comes
In deciding which one of these
Will I say


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