What’s New and All That Jazz…

First thing: after coming back home I talked to my pastor about becoming more involved with the church and I decided to bring back our online newsletter. The first issue of the 6th volume is up now on here: Safe Haven Newsletter so be sure to check it out if you get a chance…

…and follow and share, of course. A new issue comes out every Friday at 3PM (for anyone interested in writing for Safe Haven or would like to have their artwork showcased–whether it’s a poem or painting–email: templeofr@hotmail.com and I can send you the specifics.)

Second thing: I’ve gone back to the drawing board with my book. To be honest, I was not obedient the first time around, so now I’m having to go back and make changes. One change is that it’ll be increased from 50 pages to 150-200 pages (currently adding and editing now.) Another change will be the format. This “extended” version, so to speak, will be only available as a physical copy. As soon as it’s finished and the Lord gives me the go ahead (rather than me rushing to print) then I will let you all know immediately when I can start taking orders.

I promise this time. Like for real, for real.

As of now, that’s pretty much it. I’ll still be posting up poems on here from time to time. I’m thinking about bring back “Cleaning Out the Attic” but we’ll see how that goes…

Oh—one more thing…

I’ve brought back poetry nights to our church, but I’ve changed the format. I changed the name to “The Remedy” and it will be a talent showcase, since it’s geared towards encouraging artists besides poets to come up (singers, dancers, musicians.) Our first night will be February 28, 5PM. If you are in the Prairie View (Texas) area then don’t be shy—come on in the Temple of Refuge and join us.

Oh…and my pastor is running to become Prairie View’s new mayor. Can’t forget about that.

Until next time folks… #StayTuned


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