The Measure Of (Poem, BHM)

(Yes, I am aware that it is no longer Black History Month, however I haven’t been able to access the internet for a good while. Now that I can, I am able to continue sharing the rest of the poems I wrote as part of the Black History Month series for my church’s newsletter “Safe Haven” Thank you all for following me and keeping up with my work, and for your patience.)


Black culture
Is a well
Full of diamonds
All sitting at the bottom
But you have to be willing
To get scraped up
And become bloodied
And bruised
Just to get it
And you must be equally as willing
To endure the same pains
As you make your way back up
When you make your way
Back up
You become
A survivor
And you begin to see
You are the diamond
You are the treasure
Despite the nothingness
The world makes you feel

Blackness is a beauty
People have tried to kill
Over ten times
And then some
Yet it still rises and peaks
Like the sun’s rays seeping out
All over the shore
Or the moon
Basking everything
Under a midnight glow

There is more to our culture
Than chicken wings
And gangster rap
Respect it
Respect us
And thank you


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