River Walk Free Devo Book

I know I for one have been blessed to read many of the devotionals posted on the River Walk blog (The River Walk) and now they are releasing a devotional book on Amazon, free through April 30, right now for kindle unlimited subscribers (.99 cents regular price.) I would encourage you to get a copy and share with as many people as you can. You can find the link on their page down below:

Way back in October, 2012 I started writing on The River Walk so that those at Two Rivers Church could have a daily devotional to help them in their daily walk. That is still a major purpose of this devotional but the vision has grown. At Two Rivers we try to stay mission focused by asking the […]

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“So…What’s New?”

I wanted to give you all a heads up on some things I’ve got underway:

I’ve got a second book in the works. I’ll be revealing the cover for it in May and it will be ready for purchase in June (so it’s hush-hush on the title for now) but it will be an eBook that won’t be available for mass market. You won’t be able to get it from Amazon, iTunes, etc. It will be sold from this blog and my church’s website: ktorradio.com. I can tell you it will be another book of poetry and all the funds from this project will go towards the next book release set for this fall…

Which leads to the next thing I want to share with you all:

I will be releasing another issue of my first book Uncomfortable Truths this November, only this one will be a complete rewrite and extended version of the original (which is no longer available for purchase.) It helps to be obedient and do what God instructed the first time, rather than have to go back and clean up your mistakes. This book will be what God intended for it to be the first time I wrote it and I am taking my time with it. I will be pushing to do physical copies only, so no digital for now.

I’ve got some new posts and things I’ll be putting up in here (I want to go back to including articles/commentaries/lessons—something other than just poetry) and plus my music blog needs some attention. Poor Selective Hearing…I done just up and abandoned that blog… Be on the lookout for “Lady, Don’t Play Yourself,” “Proverbs Chapter 3 Study” and a music opinion piece on originality.

Thanks for following my blog (and actually READING my posts.) It all means so much and I appreciate the support.

Take care, God bless and #StayTuned

Empty (Poem)

(Another poem for you all to read. I’ve got some more stuff to share with you all—I plan to bring back another Cleaning Out the Attic series on the blog. Until then, enjoy.)


Have you ever stared at an object while
-it’s raining?
Watched the drops slide down
As if they were tears
And suddenly
You felt like it was you
I have sat
And watched
As drops rested on the glass
Of the windshield
Slowly gathering
Before gradually making their way to
-the bottom
I had nothing left in me to cry
I just didn’t feel like it
But somehow
I watched the glass
And got the sense that the drops
All the tears that wouldn’t come out of

Part of me wanted to ask somebody this
But I didn’t want them to think that
-something was wrong with me
I heard a voice ask,
“If a person asked you that,
Wouldn’t you think something was
To which I had to concur

But still
It would be nice to tell someone this
You can’t say things like that out loud
I decided I’d put it in a poem

I guess I’ll ask you then

Have you ever
Been so sad
And cried so much
Until you felt as though
You had nothing left?
Have you ever watched the rain fall
Saw it hit the glass
And got the feeling
That the sky was crying
For you?

Blatantly Blunt (Poem)

(It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything on here, so here you are. Here’s a poem I wrote for the Safe Haven newsletter. For the first time in my life, I wanted to quit doing the very thing I’ve always loved to do: writing. I found myself sending out an S.O.S to my friends and the Calvary surrounded me—they told me what I needed to hear. If you ever feel like giving up on your passion, or if you have given up, then I pray this poem inspires you to remember your purpose and to see it through. Don’t quit, don’t give up.)


These days
I feel as though I have
A meaningless gift
A talent
I can do
Nothing with
Except make people smile
And receive the occasional
I’m starting to believe
What those naysayers said

That writing
Is a waste of time
And I should find
Something else to do
To throw it away
Is what I’m tempted to do
So God,
Send me a reminder
Because I
Am tired

I keep getting suggestions
All these great ideas
But no idea as to how to
Put them into action
I feel stuck
I feel worthless

I stare up at ceilings
And spend countless minutes
That become hours
What am I doing with my life?
Why do I even bother?
So God
If You could
Please, say something
To me, Your daughter
And bring to my attention
Why I even do what I do

I begin to question
Why do I even do this?
It’s not like they’re reading it
They won’t buy my book
I’ve already tried that
They won’t even share
My Facebook page
Barely anyone
Comes out to my events

I know
It’s bigger than me
It’s just that sometimes
I get the sense that this
Is too big for me
So I rather hand it all over
To someone else
And spend the rest of my days
Dreaming about something
I am beginning to believe
Will never happen
Because at least when I dream
It’s a reality
Even if it’s only made up

I am asking You,
Begging You to
Remind me
Why is it
That I do what I do

Why did You give me this gift
To write?
Why did I fall in love with it?
Why do I love it so much
What is the point in all this?
God, what is the point?
“Saying, Father, if thou be willing,
remove this cup from me:
nevertheless not my will, but thine
be done.”

A friend reminded me today
That there is purpose in your pain
That’s why Jesus stayed on that cross
So though it seems hopeless right now
And the dream appears to be
Miles and miles away
I will hold on to the vision
And will continue to say

Not my will, Father
But Your will
Be done

One Sided (Poem)

(Felt inspired to write this today and thought I’d share it on the blog:)


Bias makes you
You get signals from the Holy Spirit
Urging you to step in
You rush to protect your friends
Asking Jesus to come down
“Holy Trinity to the rescue!”
But you never considered
That your friend was the villain
And it was the other person
Who needed rescuing
From them

Bias makes you blind,
Lame, stupid and dumb
You know there’s some things
You should call your brother
Or sister
Out on
But yall are cool and God will handle
You decided to pray about it
Besides, you say,
It’s probably the nerves overreacting
That’s what you tell yourself
Until it turned out the suspicions were
Gloating’s not an option
Because to admit you knew something
—was up
Yet you chose to go
Hush mouth
Means you are equally as out of line as
—they are
Whether you acknowledge it
Or not
The fact still remains
Blood is dripping
Fresh on your hands

Right is right
And wrong is wrong
Don’t let your bias
Have you cosigning
When your own debt you couldn’t
—afford to pay
I’d highly recommend
You not take on the deathly wages
Of someone else
Simply because you refused to speak
Do not allow bias to be the reason you
A depart
“Depart from Me
Worker of iniquity,
For you thought popularity
Was more important
Than standing for what’s right.”