One Sided (Poem)

(Felt inspired to write this today and thought I’d share it on the blog:)


Bias makes you
You get signals from the Holy Spirit
Urging you to step in
You rush to protect your friends
Asking Jesus to come down
“Holy Trinity to the rescue!”
But you never considered
That your friend was the villain
And it was the other person
Who needed rescuing
From them

Bias makes you blind,
Lame, stupid and dumb
You know there’s some things
You should call your brother
Or sister
Out on
But yall are cool and God will handle
You decided to pray about it
Besides, you say,
It’s probably the nerves overreacting
That’s what you tell yourself
Until it turned out the suspicions were
Gloating’s not an option
Because to admit you knew something
—was up
Yet you chose to go
Hush mouth
Means you are equally as out of line as
—they are
Whether you acknowledge it
Or not
The fact still remains
Blood is dripping
Fresh on your hands

Right is right
And wrong is wrong
Don’t let your bias
Have you cosigning
When your own debt you couldn’t
—afford to pay
I’d highly recommend
You not take on the deathly wages
Of someone else
Simply because you refused to speak
Do not allow bias to be the reason you
A depart
“Depart from Me
Worker of iniquity,
For you thought popularity
Was more important
Than standing for what’s right.”


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