“So…What’s New?”

I wanted to give you all a heads up on some things I’ve got underway:

I’ve got a second book in the works. I’ll be revealing the cover for it in May and it will be ready for purchase in June (so it’s hush-hush on the title for now) but it will be an eBook that won’t be available for mass market. You won’t be able to get it from Amazon, iTunes, etc. It will be sold from this blog and my church’s website: ktorradio.com. I can tell you it will be another book of poetry and all the funds from this project will go towards the next book release set for this fall…

Which leads to the next thing I want to share with you all:

I will be releasing another issue of my first book Uncomfortable Truths this November, only this one will be a complete rewrite and extended version of the original (which is no longer available for purchase.) It helps to be obedient and do what God instructed the first time, rather than have to go back and clean up your mistakes. This book will be what God intended for it to be the first time I wrote it and I am taking my time with it. I will be pushing to do physical copies only, so no digital for now.

I’ve got some new posts and things I’ll be putting up in here (I want to go back to including articles/commentaries/lessons—something other than just poetry) and plus my music blog needs some attention. Poor Selective Hearing…I done just up and abandoned that blog… Be on the lookout for “Lady, Don’t Play Yourself,” “Proverbs Chapter 3 Study” and a music opinion piece on originality.

Thanks for following my blog (and actually READING my posts.) It all means so much and I appreciate the support.

Take care, God bless and #StayTuned


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