Martha or Mary (Poem)

(A poem I wrote for my church’s newsletter Safe Haven on learning not to forget what the whole reason is behind the work we do for Christ. Also, I’m the editor for the Safe Haven, so be sure to read the “A Word from the Editor” column and feel free to leave a comment. Thanks so much for all your support!)


I thought it was interesting
When Jesus came to visit Mary
And Martha
Martha worked and toiled the day away
While Mary stopped everything
And sat and talked with Jesus
And Martha turned to them,
Asking Jesus to get Mary to help her
To pitch in and do some work
Jesus informed her that Mary
Was already doing what she was
—supposed to do

The Lord let Martha know
She was missing the point

Sometimes I’m Mary
But come lately
I find that a lot of days
I’m Martha
Constantly forgetting
Or missing the point altogether

Too focused on starting on time
Rather than being patient on the message
God is bringing to me
Rushing to push out letter poems to
—assignments I was charged with
Almost a year or two ago
But not taking the time to minister
And be ministered to
In the process

Quite often I find
That I am Martha in the now
But I truly desire to be
Mary now and forever
I want to be a Mary
A woman whose love for Jesus
Was so deep and profound
That she stopped and sat down so she
—could spend some time with Him

I want to be the kind of Mary
Who knows the importance
Of having a relationship with Christ
Outweighs religious protocol
And traditions

The kind of Mary who doesn’t get
So busy
In all the work
That she becomes a Martha
And is completely oblivious
To where her focus, her heart
Should be

I want to be a Mary; I want that to be

But today
I’m a Martha
And Lord
I’m asking You to help me
Help me to be a Mary
Once again

Help me to remember
What the true purpose is
For why we do what we do
And live the way we live

Help me to be a Mary
When I’m a Martha
Whose intentions are good
And heart is in the right place
But has forgotten
Not to get
So caught up


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