Cut: Passing the Time (Poem)

(This is a poem I decided to remove from To Whom It May Concern [my new book set to release 06.19.16] “Passing the Time” is one of several letter poems I’ve written, and since it will not be included in the book, I decided I wanted to share this piece because I wanted to make sure people still receive the message it carries—this particular one was intended for Andy Mineo. I chose to leave the people I’ve written to anonymous in the book, but since this one won’t be in it and I’m not sure if he ever got to read this, I am listing who this particular letter poem was for. I pray it blesses you all and that you receive a message from it.)


Dear Brother,

It’s nice writing to you again
Happy New Year
Congratulations to you
And the Mrs.

I don’t know if you remember
The first letter I sent
But last time I wrote to you
As an appreciative supporter
And fan
This time

I write to you as a servant

As is my prayer
From the first I wrote
I pray this poem
Be what you need
Do what God desires it to
And that it be a blessing to you

I thought it would be easier
Writing to you again

But it isn’t

It’s harder actually

I will let God have His way
To hold back
Would be a disservice

So Lord, I pray
Come through this
Let Your son hear what he needs to hear

Amen and amen

It never gets easier
More responsibilities
New problems
New challenges
We get older
And time begins to speed up

Still the same twenty-four hours
In a single day
Yet a single day seems to pass by
In a mere hour
While hours become milliseconds
One minute
You’re choosing your favorite color
The next
You’re planning the future
For your retirement

How is that possible?

But then again
It’s not our place to question these things

Ecclesiastes says
There is a time
And a season
For everything
One generation comes
Another goes
And the world keeps on spinning

Our hope
Is that we can keep up
Just enough
To spin with it

Only to learn
There’s no sense
In trying to keep up with the Joneses
When you already got yours
They’re still trying to get theirs
By aiming to be the best
And the prettiest yard on the block
So what if it always looks greener?
A little patch of brown or two
Never hurt anybody
Better than that AstroTurf they got
At least you got the real deal
Real beats out fake any day

But this goes beyond backyards
And picket fences

Some days
We’re the center of the universe
Other days
We’re out of orbit
We’re that piece of space junk
Shooting down faster
Than the earth turns

Thank God for keeping power
If we can’t thank Him for anything else
We can at least be thankful He keeps us

We have our moments
We want to be like Etta James
Letting out sweet sighs
As we think, “At last…”
Start sounding like Mr. Hewett
Declare we’re doing it for the lover in us
Then turn off all the lights
Like Teddy Pendergrass
Walking with the O’Jays
On that stairway to leading to heaven
Miss a step and stumble
Singing the Blues like we’re B.B.
Say we can make it better like Luther
And when we can’t
We turn into Usher
We want to let it all burn down

But the Father says you’ll make it
To give up now
Would be a horrific blunder on your part
To every thing there is a season
My child, you’ve got to take it all in stride
Put your pride aside
I made you better than that
Being the bigger person isn’t easy
But it’s who I made you to be
The struggle IS real
But you don’t worry about the struggle
When I’ve given you the victory
This load wasn’t made for you to carry
Cast your cares on Me
Because even when it seems irreparable
There’s no thing I can’t fix
Trust Me, I got this
Now put it in My hands
Back where it belongs

Put it back,
God says put it back
What are you doing?
Why are you even attempting
To carry all of that?

We must come to see
And know for ourselves
That releasing
And saying
No I just can’t do it
Does not make us weak
It makes us strong
And since all strength
Comes from the Son
It is then through admittance
That same strength is perfected

Christ is perfect
And daily we are being perfect
So Brother,
Don’t give up

Life is tough
But God made you tougher
You’ve fought
Through Hell and back
You’ve battled rappers
Scarier than this
Seen worse
Have dealt with much
Greater hurts
This obstacle is nothing for you
Obstacles aren’t even obstacles
When you know who’s holding you
God’s holding you
Don’t run, be courageous
He’s got you, you’re good

We gaze up at the sky
Looking for something
More passionate
But what is more passionate
Than gazing up
At a starry filled night
Blanketed in a masterpiece
Of constellations
To stare up into the face of our Savior
And see how everything He made
Is beautiful?

Your spouse
Your family
Your friends
Your job, your life
Your downfalls,
And trials
Even your enemies
As ugly as they can be
All of it

Don’t you worry about
How it will come together
How it will work out is not your concern
You serve the One
Who said none can separate
What He has joined together
His plan has been in place
Before you were even born
And He set things in motion
With you in mind
You are always on His mind
So calm yourself
Rest easy

You aren’t the way maker
And you weren’t ever in control anyway

It’s okay
You’ll be alright
You and the wife will be fine

It’s full of surprises
Some not as pleasant
As we’d like
Causing our heads to spin
But we take delight in knowing
Our heavenly Father looks out for us

I count it all joy, my friend
Count it all joy
Continue to hold on
See the race through
Wild out for Jesus
Stay true to you
Who you are
The man God’s called you to be

Keep leaning on Him
And the rest is history

Sincerely Your Sister in Christ

Jacqueline Sìmone Sadberry


I love you Brother,
And I praise God for you still

I am so happy for you!
What a blessing it is
That God led you to your good thing
I pray you both celebrate
Many, many years together

I don’t know what all God has planned
But I pray He continues to anoint you
And that you continue to flourish in Him
Thank you for being unashamed
And for always being an inspiration
You have always inspired
And motivated me
So thank you and thanks be to God
Don’t ever stop letting Him have His way
And giving the Lord full reign

Take care and God bless


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