Word Challenge, Day 18 (Poem)

(I joined a new poetry group on Facebook today, or rather I was added since it’s a closed group, and in the group they have word challenges with topics for each day of the month to write on. The topic for today was, “Name something about yourself you wish the opposite sex could understand,” and this poem is the result. I pray you enjoy it and get something out of it.)


What are you looking for in a man?”

My response,
If you
Were what I was looking for
I wouldn’t have to tell you that

Why would I had you a script?

Why on earth
Would I possibly tell you
All my weaknesses
Just so you can come in like a thief
And rob me blind?
Or rather
Rob me while I’m still looking?

To hold open the door
And watch as you remove
All my prized possessions
Leaving me bare
That’s quite silly, isn’t it?
I’m sure you would agree

If you were indeed the man
You wouldn’t have to ask that question
Because we would both know
One is exactly what the other
Was waiting for, hoping for
Expecting to arrive without even realizing
They were waiting for each other all that time
Until they each showed up in each other’s

My expectations were high
But my sights were so shallow
Now with Christ I guess you could say
I’ve got a clearer view
Of the bigger picture in its entirety
And now what was important
Is no longer all that important to me

I’m not looking for a placeholder
I’m not looking for someone to play charades
Temporary on and off agains
I’m not looking period
I am waiting
And a long time ago
I could’ve given you a list of generalities
And a whole lot of other things
That nice girls, saved girls
Would say to fill up the air,
The space between her ears
So it could all sound so sweet

But I’d rather just skip all that

What I will tell you is this:

I am waiting for a man who is waiting for
And neither one of us
Knows it just yet
And you, dear sir,
If you were that man

You would’ve know it
Because you wouldn’t even have to ask

Call it crazy faith, call me crazy
I’ve been called that before, it’s okay

Good tiding to you, sir and have a good day


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