Word Challenge Day 19 (Poem)

(Doing today’s word challenge poem has reminded me I’ve got some poems tucked away that I need to be sharing [Cleaning Out the Attic 2] Anyway, today’s challenge, “Write a poem about love.” If anyone’s read a lot of my poetry, I have quite a few of those. This one is dedicated to an old friend–in death, God showed me what it really means to love. I miss you and I love you. #SandySpeaks)


My friend died

I was angry at her
Because one day she was here
I had just saw her
Then last year God called her home
And now
She’s gone

And even now
To talk about her at times
Reminds me about the small hole
In my heart
A wound healed,
But one that will not close

I was so angry at her
For hurting me

I couldn’t understand it
Why someone I purposely
Chose not to get that close to
Suddenly caused me to feel
As though I was a walking mass
Of broken pieces
Bound together by a single piece of tape

Soon after
Anger and rage became
Because I wasted all that time
Pushing someone away
Who ended up hurting me
And for what?

To protect myself
From the inevitable?

God gave me another friend

One whose heart
Has been torn apart
So many times
I am surprised that it’s even still
The things she has witnessed,
The things she has seen
I couldn’t imagine
Going through such traumatic things

And yet
Because of Christ
She still has hope
Despite the pain
That creeps up and thrashes around
Inside of her

And there are days
Where I find myself
Wanting to take on her pain
To give her the biggest hug I can
And make every worry
And every regret
And every heartache
Disappear and fade

And it is at that moment
I begin to see what love truly is

Too often we mistake it for lust
Then blame it
When we were the ones
Who chose to date that bad decision
Too often
We see it as something
Only couples can have
An opportunity for romance

But what about those
Who are empty?
The one who feels all alone
And forgotten
Crying themselves to sleep
And practicing their smile
Before leaving the house
Because they want everyone to think
They’re okay
Have we forgotten about the ones
Who are struggling
Just to make it through the day
Who are reminded of love lost
And loved ones
Snatched away

Love does not hurt
Because love will take on the pain
You feel
And it says, “Don’t worry,
I am here. Be still.”
Love is self-sacrificing
It puts everyone else before itself
Love works hard to maintain
Does not compromise
It stands for what is right
Even if that means denying you
When you were looking for that co-sign

I am learning more and more
What Love truly is
And what God meant when He said
He is Love
And most days I smile
Other days
I’m in agony
And yet
I am still thankful

Because if it hadn’t been for you
Going home
I would probably still be the same
Fearful, selfish, unrealistic little girl
I was
Before you left
Thanks, Sandy
I don’t think I’ll ever get tired
Of writing about you

And thank You, Lord
For teaching me daily


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