Word Challenge Day 20 (Poem)

(I wanted to post this up last week, but just ran out of time. The day’s topic was, “Describe a color without using its name.” I plan to expound on this eventually because there’s so much I want to say, but this is how I will leave it for now.)


I would see you
And find myself infuriated
Your people within the system
Came down
To my school
And infiltrated
Destroying decades of history
Taking away
Held dear to us
You methodically took away
A culture
And rid of anyone else
Associated with it
To give birth to what I see now
And the obliviously entitled
Self-righteous and wanna be rebels
I can’t blame you for everything
It is undeniable
That a hate is there
And I have had to learn
To let go
To stop looking intolerably at my own
For choosing to walk around your campus
Wearing you
Sporting you around
Like it’s something to be proud of
I have had
To learn to do what my alumni have done
Consistently over the years
Take the pieces we’ve been given
And build absolute monuments
All the while
See people watching in amazement
Scratching their heads
And wondering
How on earth we did it
How did we manage to still survive
When all we had left were scraps
And though we are given black eyes
Yet again
We continue to press forward
Sporting bruises and scratches
When crossing a stage to hear whispers
You went to THAT school,”
Then surpass the mockers and hear,
“Wait, you went to THAT school?”

I don’t like you, but I have learned
To respect you
All the same
Gig ’em, gig ’em, gig ’em
It makes no difference to me
I will continue to strive to be the best
In my lane
While being the most productive panther
And amazing HBCU representative
I can be


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