Confession Time!

I’ve started doing my own personal confessions behind my book To Whom It May Concern (testimonies, things I’ve discovered about myself while working on this project, etc.) and I’m putting them up on my Facebook page: Jacqueline Sìmone Poetry.

Here’s my first confession (the second one is up now,)

“Confession: Sometimes I start to get tired and restless or begin buying into the feeling that I’m wasting my time and the book won’t do well. I eventually get back to editing and working on it, and every single one of those poems remind me what I’m doing isn’t a waste because my letter poems have helped people. It has touched them and therefore what I’m doing isn’t in vain—it’s worth it, not worthless.”

Little Lady Smile

(Snippet: “Little Lady Smile,” from To Whom It May Concern.)

To follow along with the countdown, follow me on Instagram: @jssberry and read the confessionals on my FB page: Jacqueline Sìmone Poetry



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