June Word Challenge

(I missed yesterday’s word challenge and I try to steam ahead to the current one in the poetry group. Today’s topic: Imagery. Describe your experience eating your favorite piece of fruit or describe your experience watching someone else eating your favorite fruit.)


The tart sweetness
Always brings me back to my childhood
When I would devour
Every little piece
Savoring each moment with glee
And then drain the juice dry

Explosions on my the tip of my tongue
My tastebuds
Discording something
They could never get tired of
It stamped itself
Into my mind
Permanently branding itself
As the favorite

As a child
I didn’t really know
What a favorite was
Until I discovered
Its crunchy
Delectable allure
The fresh ones you find in the store
Permeate as soon as you cut them
Causing my heart to pound with glee
And the ones in the can
Don’t bother me
That metallic smell,
The opening of the seal
Brings back the feverous excitement
I felt
Oh so long ago
As if it was only just yesterday
When I found out

Are the best things
I have ever eaten
In my entire life


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