Ten Day Countdown to My New Book


Well today is the final ten day mark until the release of my new book To Whom It May Concern. A video will be out later on, but for now I wanted to talk to you all about the book itself and the process as a whole.

This will be my second published work. The first is Uncomfortable Truths (no longer available for purchase) and I’ve been rewriting that one; I’ve put it on hold so I can concentrate on this current project. Both are books of poetry, but they differ in that Uncomfortable Truths is one poem, several pages long (over fifty when I first published it) and it allows the reader to come inside and look at me internally. I am allowing my heart to be examined, revealing every deep, dark and ugly thing about me. While coming clean about where I am, I am being transformed and being made clean by God through testimony.

To Whom It May Concern however is a 2013-2016 collection of what I like to call “letter poems.” It’s just like it sounds, a letter written in the form of a poem. I wrote one in 2013 and was inspired to do it again. So that next year the Lord led me to write more and very quickly it became a part of my ministry. I would like to say To Whom It May Concern will do the opposite of what Uncomfortable Truths did; the experience for the reader will be like me taking a crowbar to THEIR heart, cracking it wide open, and allowing God to minister and pour into them with each letter followed by a sprinkle of my own testimonies in between. There are over 50 poems for you all to read and enjoy, each with their own powerful message. There are also three series, “The Fruits” on the Fruits of the Spirit, “Blacksmith” on the Armor of God and “Wilted Flowers” on Psalm 130. Each written to three individuals respectively.

I get asked sometimes, “Are you excited?” and honestly I wasn’t sure how to respond at the time. So I would say yes, but truthfully the answer was no. No, I wasn’t excited because all I could think about was how my first book was a failure (in my eyes at least;) it only sold 7 copies. I thought about how my disobedience was partly to blame for that, and how despite God trying to get me to slow down so He could teach me what I needed to learn in that season—critical things needed in order to succeed—I rushed on anyway because I was after my own selfish desires. Now here I was going round two, and I was sensing a repeat of the same disaster I went through last year.

No, I was not excited.

But now, I am working to be as patient as I can be. I focus on the steps so that I don’t get caught up in hubris or greed. I had to remember just this morning to focus on the steps after losing my cool yesterday about a wrench being thrown into my plans for the promotion of this book…

“Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools.” (Ecclesiastes 7:9 KJV)

I was so enraged about having to start from square one, but then when I calmed down I came to see the video I wanted to post up (instead of writing this blog) wasn’t all that great after all. I was mad I had to relearn things I had finally begun to master, but then I thought, “So what?” That’s what life is essentially all about; right as you start to get a hang of things, here comes the change up, and you have to start all over again. You find out you don’t know everything, you discover you still have so much more room to grow and you look up to see you’ve got a LONG way to go. In that time you learn things about yourself you didn’t even know you had in you, good and bad. You become sharper, keener, with a new set of skills to take with you down the road. You continue to press forward and all the while…

…you focus on the steps.

So in a way I am excited, but I’m more ecstatic about the direction Jesus has me going in, and all the while, I focus on the steps, “Where to now, Lord? Where would You have me go?”

Regardless of how well To Whom It May Concern does, I am satisfied with it. I gave God total control of this book. I’ve had to completely step back and let Him do His thing, giving Him full reign. I’ve had to truly WAIT on Him rather than rushing ahead and waiting for Him to catch up. I let Him do everything from the table of contents, to the snippets—everything. Now I’m just ready to see what Christ will do next once people begin reading it.

To Whom It May Concern is an eBook. I will not be selling it on iBooks or Amazon; I’ll have a link up for it here on the blog and my church’s website (ktorradio.com) on the day of release.

Thank you all so much for the prayers, the love and support. You have no idea how much it means. Whether you liked or shared a post or sent me a text of encouragement (my circle, my people—yall know who you are,) I love you all so much! Again, thank you. I ask that you will continue to pray with me that God helps me to keep my ego in check, to hold on to the purpose and calling He’s birthed in me and to always, always, ALWAYS focus on the steps. Not the followers or friend requests, the glory and the fame, or the riches and stages to come…but the STEPS.

Focusing on the steps means having to focus on Christ; if I continue to focus on Him I can’t get lost in it all.

Once more, thank you. If you should happen to buy a copy, then I pray each of those letter poems resonates in your Spirit and speaks to you in a way like never before.To Whom It May Concern





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