Intensity (Sparks and Sputters) [Poem]

It’s fascinating
How you can be
Completely speechless
And yet
Still have so much to say
All at once
What is that for me?
An oxymoron
Or a sheer coincidence

I don’t know

Perhaps it is because
I have been choosing to keep my mouth
Call it a Miranda right
I don’t know
It’s all been so confusing
I feel like a homemade bottle rocket
With a nuclear device
Planted and hidden
Deep within my chest

Oh, I’m sorry
Should I not have said that?
Was that too soon for you?

Oh well then
Yeah, oh well
Spiritually these days
I feel like my heart is on ‘E’
Riding around on a busy freeway
Is dangerous
When you’ve got nothing
But vapors
Fueling your tank
Yet still
If I don’t say something soon
I fear I will combust

A common word for me: disgust
I find myself disgusted
But do you know
What I find to be more disgusting?

Showing up to protests
More excited to plaster
Their face all over the camera
Than they are for the purpose
As to why the protest was held

Protests with no purpose

People who are so desperate
To be noticed
They’ll use a hashtag
Turning the deceased into a fad
And weaving their names
Into their inner fabric
Of thirstiness
They wear all over their social media
Then when the next name pops up
Their desire for relevance
Tears that wardrobe into shreds
Because lets face it
They gotta get new threads now
And that means keeping up
With the latest trending topic

Innocents who died
At the hands of injustice
And those of us who continue on
Like oh well wasn’t me not my problem
While the families and friends
Have to live with the scars
(Like me)
And the burden
Of feeling
Like they are annoying others
By simply mentioning their loved one’s name
It’s almost like,
I know they’re dead…
Yeah, that’s really sad,
Shouldn’t you be over it by now?
That was a long time ago!”

…yeah, just like how I should just
“Get over” slavery right?
I mean,
Who really gives a flip about civil rights?

Then again,
Best not to go there…
I could stay on that all day
Especially when one
Dares to have to the nerve
To deem the treatment of slaves
As adequate, fair and accommodating

#GiveMeABreak #GOHW

The overwhelming stupidity
And ignorance
Of so many in this country
That they are incapable
Of separating fact from fiction
Like not being able to discern
Between an actor, the man
And a character, a man the actor played

Could this be a result
Of cause and effect
When you teach a child how to test
But you don’t teach them content?
It could very well be the reason
Why so many kids have the grades
When they graduate from high school
Only to get to college
And find out
They’re not college ready
After all

I am annoyed

We don’t need artists, they say
There’s no need for the arts
Music, Paint, Dance, Theatre, Writing
You know us
We’re the first to get cut from your school’s
But look out your window
Where’s the creativity now?

Where, oh where, has all the originality

You couldn’t think of some new ideal
You took someone’s book
And made it into a movie
Which is fine…until books become a
For movie scripts
Then you remade the remake
Some of you sampled tracks away
Until you sampled that album
Into oblivion
No acknowledgement to the decade
You stole that from
Those of us who know, know you didn’t
—come up with those lyrics
Or those beats on your own
We don’t have dances anymore
Just movements
Then someone who couldn’t do them
Came up with the bright idea
To “recreate” those
And gotta give it to ’em
Because they were smart enough
To get you to do it
Talkin ’bout, “This that new new!”
No baby, more like that old old
That’s a redo
And not a good one at that

Have you seen that thing they call
The running man now?
Looks more like the Hip-Hop version
Of the river dance

I see, I hear
And I’m astounded by it all

I’m dumbfounded
I can’t be the only one taking notice

God reminded me
Prophets aren’t sent to make the people
Do what they’re supposed to
They only give the warning
Then step back
And watch Him move

I told you earlier
My tank is so low
I’m fuming
Internally, mentally, spiritually…
I’m fuming
And I’m shaking my head all the while

Pastor said on Sunday though,
Indirectly directly to me
That despite the mess around me
God is still God
No amount of foolery,
Intolerance, hate
Or insufferable level of cluelessness
Will ever change the fact
That the Lord Jesus
Still remains
In control

He’s still in control
This I know
And I must grow to understand

Jesus is
Still in control
And I have to remember this

Every day
Ecclesiastes comes more and more
Alive to me
It’s almost as if
That whole book is appearing
Right before my eyes

That’s why He told me to study it
Four years ago…
I never did finish…

Perhaps, perhaps
I should


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