POEM: The New Normal

(The death of Korryn Gaines has been on my heart heavy this morning. I’m not sure what the status of her little boy is, but I’m hoping he survived the shooting. I have yet to see anything on the news yet about her death and what all happened. Either way, seeing a picture of her with her two children and knowing they no longer have their mother now is disturbing to me. This stuff has to stop… In the meantime, I will continue to write about because someone has to say something. Someone has to do something besides just pray about it or wish it away.

My heart, prayers and condolences are with Korryn’s family.)


Two kids…

As far as I know
She had two children
A boy who’s five
And a baby girl
Maybe only one year old
I don’t know

But what I do know
Is that she was stripped away
Form both of them
Shot and killed in her apartment
Because of…traffic violations

We add another name
To the list of names
That have steadily become
Trending Topics
It’s becoming all too common

I suppose you could call it
The new normal

But this normal
Ain’t normal
And we shouldn’t be used to it
We shouldn’t be okay with this

Why are we now suddenly fine
With being shot down
As though it’s an acceptable practice
I don’t understand
I don’t get it

Officers are shot down
For simply doing their jobs
While crooked cops
Get paid leave
They target and execute
Innocent men and women
And then proceed to get off

Then go on with the same old
Same old
Tired old
Festering plague
Sweeping this country
Because a ruling declared
They can do whatever they want
Without any consequences

I don’t understand it at all…

I originally thought
That it was just bad cops
Who were the problem
I’m now beginning to wonder
If the entire legal system
Is in need of a clean sweep
And by that
I do not mean the picking off
And assassination of anyone
In law enforcement

Somewhere down the road
This has become
The new normal
And I refuse for my children
To grow up in a world
Where it is acceptable
To witness these heinous crimes
See it all on live stream
Or their newsfeed
Read it on their timelines
And think

It’s okay
Just another day
In America
It’s totally fine this way

No, no it’s not

This thing
Is becoming
The new normal

Two kids don’t have a mother now
Lord willing
If that little boy survives
Should he and his sister grow up
Do you think
Growing up to hate the police
Will be the new normal for them?
Wouldn’t that be ironic?
Do you think one of them
Will grow up to become a policeman?
What will be the new normal for them?

It’s not okay
And it’s not fine
Yeah we get it
All lives matter
But especially BLACK lives
Including those in blue

Who continues to turn away
To play your Pokemon Go
And chooses not to say anything
Who think maybe if we would continue
To remain silent
It’ll all settle down and disappear
(Even though)
(Silence only proves to make the issues)
This new normal might be normal for you

But for me
It is not
And I
Refuse to accept it as such


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